Protocall Communications Partners with Packet Island to Provide 24x7 VOIP Call Quality Monitoring for Their VoIP Customers

Las Vegas, NV - Protocall Communications announced today their intent to use Packet Island's VoipPro and VoipCare solutions for network assessment, deployment verification and to provide 24x7 monitoring service with SLA reporting to their VoIP customers.

Protocall Communications is a Las Vegas, NV based company with systems and customers throughout the US. Their customer base varies in scope with customers benefiting from a diverse set of IP Communication products such as Hosted VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Messaging and First-class carrier products such as 800 and T1 services. Protocall also offers a robust feature rich IP PBX called "Genesis". The Protocall sales model focuses on business customers in the SMB and Enterprise class markets with several vertical markets such as travel, real estate, mortgage and title companies.

Packet Island's solution has two components; the VoipPro Field Service Kit (FSK) and the VoipCare Monitoring Service. This combination of capabilities creates a powerful tool for LAN and WAN assessment, VoIP deployment verification and VoIP troubleshooting. Utilizing the VoipPro FSK along with the included hosted internet call target, Protocall Communications can perform a variety of LAN, WAN and multi-site network assessments, while troubleshooting complex VoIP problems with ease. Using Packet Island's VoipCare solution, Protocall deploys inexpensive micro-appliances at each SMB customer site to continuously monitor every call. The quality of every VoIP call can be continuously monitored with active route and traffic analysis done to determine if there are external problems that may be impacting service quality. At the end of each month the customer will be provided with a report detailing their VoIP performance. This pro-active monitoring helps Protocall determine if there are quality issues, and what is causing these issues. Since this is done 24x7, data is now available for troubleshooting transient issues.

"Protocall has always had the challenge of verifying a customer's LAN and WAN for VoIP readiness. Now with Packet Island's VoipPro Field Service Kit, we can Assess and Verify the networks call capacity to ensure a successful VoIP deployment. In addition, the VoipCare Monitoring Service allows us to Monitor the VoIP performance over our customer's network and provide that information to the end user on a monthly basis in a detailed and easy to understand document." said Michael Simmons President/CEO of Protocall Communications, LLC.

"We are delighted that Protocall has chosen our solution for delivering end-to-end VoIP lifecycle management to their SMB customer base. One of the big challenges facing the VoIP market is that most customer LANs and ISP WANs are not ready for VoIP, and troubleshooting VoIP post-install problems end up as complex, expensive, and time consuming exercises. Industry veterans agree that the key to high quality VoIP service delivery is to implement an end-to-end VoIP lifecycle management solution with appropriate tools, processes, and expertise. We strongly believe that the true leaders in the multi-billion dollar SMB VoIP market will be companies like Protocall who firmly believe that telecom service is all about delivering quality and customer satisfaction, and implement the operational processes to back up their conviction." said Praveen Kumar, president of Packet Island, Inc.

About Protocall Communications

Protocall is an IP Communications solution provider founded in 2004 by President and CEO, Michael Simmons. Protocall is a Las Vegas, NV based company with systems and customers nationwide.

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About Packet Island

Founded in 2004, Packet Island Inc. is a venture-backed company located in Santa Clara, California. Since its founding, Packet Island has pioneered the development of award-winning SaaS-based solutions for managing converged media networks for SMB and multi-site networks. More information can be found at

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