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Carlsbad, CA-PresenterNet (, provider of online interactive Web presentation services, today announced a long-range development program to make Web Conferencing convenient and easy-to-use by anyone, regardless of skill level. Called "Always Easy", the program especially serves Webinar presenters and others who reach widely diverse audiences.

In launching Always Easy, PresenterNet introduced One-Click Entry, a program that sends email invitations with a single-click login for audience members entering an online presentation room. According to PresenterNet CEO Douglas Wolfgram, "Single-click login means that virtually any audience member can immediately enter a conference without having to remember special room names or passwords. This is the kind of feature we will continue to deliver in Always Easy."

One-Click Entry joins the company's Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform developments that enable PresenterNet audiences to enter without downloading special software, whether using Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Safari etc., with Windows, Macintosh or Linux.

"Webinars now target a wide variety of markets," explained Wolfgram. "Potential audience members represent widely diverse backgrounds, and few are computer professionals. They must be able to access an online program without technology hurdles like system compatibility tests, software plug-ins, or arduous log-in procedures. Always Easy will ensure that every element of our design encourages participation, and potential prospects are immediately ready to participate."

The new One-Click Entry email invitations simplify operations for presenters as well. By setting a time and date, entering a subject line and optional message, they invite multiple prospects by entering their names and email addresses. The program creates and sends email invitations to each addressee, who clicks a single link to be logged into the system database by name.

Additional PresenterNet information is at .

About PresenterNet:

PresenterNet's online services emphasize high-impact interactive presentations, data collection from prospect interactions, database applications and customized reporting. The company has committed all of its products to compatibility with industry standards, such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia FlashPaper, Microsoft Internet Explorer, PowerPoint(TM), Mozilla, and Apple Macintosh, as well as emerging technology leaders like Skype. PresenterNet's founders have been developing and implementing sales and marketing technologies for nearly 25 years. Past clients have included Toshiba, SGI, Philips, NEC, ITT, Litton, Fujitsu, and HP.

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