PPG and Saflex® Bond Together on Glazing System for New GM Vans

DETROIT, May 7 - Vehicle glazing has evolved from its original task of keeping bugs out of our teeth to the multi-functionality of Enhanced Technology Glass (ETG). ETG, innovative glazing solution, is manufactured through a collaboration between PPG Industries and Saflex®, a unit of Solutia Inc. and will be featured on General Motors 2008 full-size passenger vans.

"All 12- and 15-passenger vans have Enhanced Technology Glass to help protect passengers during a crash," said Steve Matsil, Vehicle Chief Engineer- GM Medium Duty Commercial Truck and Full-size Vans. "This specialty glass is located in the rearmost side window positions next to the fourth- and fifth-row passengers. The glass is designed to help mitigate the risk of ejection for passengers seated next to the ETG windows,"

The use of ETG by GM in its full-size passenger vans marks the first ever use of this glazing technology in a vehicle.

ETG is an advanced glazing system that is an evolution of Safe and Sound laminated glass from PPG, a product currently in use on other GM vehicles for reducing cabin noise. Instead of using standard polyvinyl butyral (PVB), ETG incorporates the Saflex K series high security interlayer - a tough and resilient composite PVB structure especially designed for penetration resistance - which is laminated under heat and pressure between two sheets of PPG's glass. This creates a glazing system that is stronger and more resistant to tearing and penetration than standard laminated glazing.

"The 2008 Chevrolet Express and the GMC Savana full-size passenger vans now offer the most comprehensive standard safety package ever in a GM full-size van," said Matsil. "GM has always been committed to safety. And, for 2008, our full-passenger vans offer a crash avoidance system as well as an occupant protection system, of which ETG is an integral component."

Pete Dishart, PPG global product marketing manager, said. "We are proud to be the supplier of this innovative glazing technology to GM. We commend the GM engineering team who specified the glazing system to meet the particular needs of these vehicles. The utility of ETG shows how vehicle glazing can provide a variety of solutions to automotive manufacturers and their customers."

"The formulation of our Saflex K series interlayer, which is derived from our experience with hurricane impact glazing technology, provides increased tear strength and penetration resistance to the glazing system. It brings an added measure of security to passengers in the event of a crash or roll-over accident," said Rick Williams, market development manager for Saflex. "We are proud to collaborate with GM and PPG to provide the innovative interlayer for the glazing component of the occupant protection system."

The commercial introduction of ETG in GM's full-size passenger vans represents the latest offering in what is nearing a 70 year relationship between PPG and Saflex to bring the latest advances in laminated glazing to the auto industry.

About PPG Industries

Pittsburgh-based PPG is a global supplier of paints, coatings, chemicals, optical products, specialty materials, glass and fiber glass. The company employs more than 30,000 people and has 125 manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates in more than 20 countries. Sales in 2006 were $11 billion. PPG shares are traded on the New York and Philadelphia stock exchanges (symbol: PPG). For more information, visit www.ppg.com/.

About Saflex®, a unit of Solutia Inc. With 80 years of experience in developing glass interlayers, Saflex is the world's largest producer and seller of PVB interlayers, and is known as the global leader in PVB innovation, quality and reliability. When laminated between layers of glass, PVB interlayers greatly enhance the performance characteristics of glass, providing benefits such as security, solar protection, sound attenuation and safety. Laminated glass made with Saflex PVB is used extensively in both the automotive and architectural markets. For more information, visit http://saflex.com/highsecurity.

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Solutia (http://www.solutia.com/) uses world-class skills in applied chemistry to create value-added solutions for customers, whose products improve the lives of consumers every day. Solutia is a world leader in performance films for laminated safety glass and after-market applications; specialties such as water treatment chemicals, heat transfer fluids and aviation hydraulic fluid and an integrated family of nylon products including high-performance polymers and fibers, and chemicals for the rubber industry. Solutia ... Solutions for a Better Life.

Source: PPG Industries, Inc. and Solutia Inc.

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