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AFP Transformers, LLC, offers a full product line of power transformers in dry-type and cast coil configurations from 600 V through 36 KV voltage classes.

Power Transformers less than 500 KVA are manufactured at AFP's headquarters in Edison, NJ. Their Edison location designs and manufactures a variety of dry-type and cast coil transformers. Their Italian partner, SEA Trasformatori out of Vicenza, Italy, manufactures the larger transformer sizes.

AFP and SEA power transformers are available in 5 standard design types: open core and coil construction, basic NEMA 1, 3R or 4 enclosures, pad-mount enclosure designs, unit substation designs and custom designs to specifically match your application. As with all of AFP's products, their power transformers are available with either copper or aluminum windings. Also available are several optional accessories and/or features.

Some of these accessories/features include: Temperature readout indicators with or without feedback circuits; Heaters and controls for condensation prevention; High Voltage plug in bushings; Bus work to enclosure ends to mate to appropriate switchgear; Forced-air cooling packages to increase operating KVA by 25%, 33% or 40%. Fan control circuitry also available; Rectifier duty ratings commonly specified for traction power distribution systems Lightning/surge arrestors; Primary and/or secondary fusing; Current transformers and potential transformers for monitoring and feedback; Higher than customary BIL ratings; Loss-evaluated designs and impedances matched to specific requirements.

AFP Transformers, LLC


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