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Beijing has been experiencing especially poor air quality the past several winters. A measure of air quality is particulate matter in the air 2.5 microns or larger, commonly known as PM2.5. According to the World Health Organization, PM2.5 of less than 50 is considered healthy and above 250 is considered hazardous. In 2013, PM2.5 in Beijing reached over 750. This severe air quality has prompted the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) to put more emphasis to NOx control of its larger boilers used in industry and for district heating. NOx is a precursor to the secondary formation of PM2.5. The current legislation in Beijing requires all gas-fired boilers to meet 50 PPM NOx at 3% O2. A new proposal recommends all current boilers meet 30 PPM and all future installations in 2017 to meet 15 PPM. The new NOx limits are still being decided because there is a lack of burner suppliers that can successfully meet these limits. The European burner manufacturers that have dominated the China market do not have sufficient low NOx technology or experience to meet the new emission requirements. This presented an opportunity for Power Flame, the leading Low NOx Burner manufacturer in the US, to demonstrate its capability to meet current and future NOx requirements with existing Chinese boiler designs.

This past year, HKL Global installed and commissioned fifteen Power Flame Low NOx Burners in China ranging from 125 HP to 1300 HP boilers in both 3-pass fire tube and “D” type water tube configurations. We chose the Low NOx CMAX burner with FGR due to its stable flame, low NOx operation, efficient design, and low O2 (3-4%) operation. There is a mandate from the Beijing EPB that the Low NOx solution must be low emission and efficient at the same time. Power Flame felt that the CMAX with FGR was the best burner to meet both emission and efficiency requirements.

We have successfully demonstrated 30 PPM operation for fire tube boilers and 15 PPM for water tube boilers. In addition, CO was consistently less than 10 PPM on all the units tested. These figures have been independently tested by the research unit of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau.

With the demonstrated capabilities by Power Flame, we are one step closer to convincing Beijing EPB that its new Ultra Low NOx proposal of 15 PPM and 30 PPM emission limits are realistically achievable with mature and reliable low NOx products from manufacturers such as Power Flame.

In 2014, Power Flame is the undisputed Low NOx leader in China with most representative installations in the country. For 2015, we plan to extend our lead by commissioning the 15 PPM Ultra Low NOx UCMAX burner in fire tube boilers and to expand into larger water tube capacities using windbox style burners such as the Vector.

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