Power-cell's ZEUS Alkaline Batteries in Stock Now!

Bloomingdale, Illinois - Power-cell Battery Products, LLC (http://www.powercellbattery.com) today announces our newest Zeus Alkaline Batteries (https://www.thomasnet.com/catalognavigator.html?cov=NA&which=comp&what=power-cell&cid=453366&CNID=&cnurl=) to the marketplace. Our new Zeus Alkaline Batteries are manufactured in various sizes to suit your application needs. They are free of mercury and cadmium, which make them non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Alkaline batteries are a smart choice for consumers because they last for a long period of time, perform well at high and low temperatures, and have a long storage life. They can be stored at room temperature for two years and still retain 90 percent of their original capacities. And our Zeus Alkaline Batteries are designed with high current and large capacity, which means we offer high performance batteries to our customers.

General Features and Services

ZEUS Alkaline Batteries (https://www.thomasnet.com/catalognavigator.html?cov=NA&which=comp&what=power-cell&cid=453366&CNID=&cnurl=) are a smart choice for consumers because they provide sealed and maintenance free operation, clearly marked expiration dates, high current and large capacity, stable voltage and current, excellent storage life, excellent resistance to leakage, free of mercury and cadmium, offer high quality and high reliability.

Our Zeus Alkaline Batteries can be used in cameras, electric shavers, electronic calculators, electronic door locks, fire detectors, high-power flashlights, recorders, toys, and other cordless products.

In addition to these product features and applications, Power-cell's services include ISO 9001-2008 Compliance, Same-Day Shipments, continuous inventory cycle counts, KanBan/JIT program availability.

About the Company

Power-cell Battery Products, LLC (http://www.powercellbattery.com/) is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer and distributor of the ZEUS rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries (SLA). Our ZEUS (https://www.thomasnet.com/catalognavigator.html?cov=NA&which=comp&what=power-cell&cid=453366&CNID=&cnurl=) batteries are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes (2V-12V) and amp ratings allowing for maximum flexibility in the design process of pack assembly, standalone, standby and cyclic applications. We have one of the largest inventories of sealed lead acid batteries centrally located in the Midwest just outside Chicago, IL.

Our batteries are used in the following applications. Security, telecommunications, medical, lighting, military, mobility, wheelchairs, material handling, marine, UPS back-up, toy, safety, alarm, emergency lighting, gas detection, and meters.

In addition to SLA batteries, Power-Cell Battery Products (http://www.powercellbattery.com/) is a custom pack assembler using a variety of battery manufacturers. We specialize in custom battery pack assembly for all chemistries (https://www.thomasnet.com/catalognavigator.html?cov=NA&which=comp&what=power-cell&cid=453366&CNID=&cnurl=) including: sealed lead acid (SLA), Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Alkaline, Lithium, Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, Carbon Zinc, and Silver Oxide.

Please note, Power-cell provides same-day shipment if orders are placed by 12 p.m. CST Monday-Friday.

For more information, press only:

Gina Galante, Phone: 630-295-6800, Email: sales@powercellbattery.com

For more information, for general public, on pricing, volume, samples, and quotes:

Gina Galante, Phone: 630-295-6800 or Customer Service Support Center, Toll-Free: 877-469-4255

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