Powder Processing & Technology LLC Expands Capabilities Through the Acquisition of CinChemPro, LLC, a Specialty Processor of Organic Chemicals and Materials

Powder Processing & Technology LLC (“PPT”), a custom processor of inorganic and ceramic powders for the world’s largest materials technology companies, in partnership with its parent company, EJ Vestco Industries, is pleased to announce the acquisition of CinChemPro LLC (“CCP”) located in Batavia, Ohio.

PPT’s growth has been driven over many decades by developing custom processing solutions to support the technology needs of ceramic and specialty/core materials companies. The group’s focus and commitment to excellence in materials processing technologies, in conjunction with related and ongoing capital investment, has ensured the smooth facilitation of product processing and custom production support to allow clients to capitalize on their advanced innovations. EJ Vestco believes the evolving world markets have increased the demand for similar capabilities to support the specialty organic niche chemical industry. The acquisition of CinChemPro advances the group’s capabilities into serving the organic materials sector, further supporting the needs of the group’s current and expanding world-class client base.

CinChemPro extends PPT’s expertise into the organic realm where it specializes in using its spray drying, milling, sizing and micronization, as well as blending capability which has enabled them to respond to an impressive array of market opportunities. These fields include:

• Microbiology technology

• Sustainable chemistry

• Bio-diesel applications

• Energy storage applications

• Environmentally friendly pest control solutions

• Additives for aqua and agri-cultural application

• Polymer additives

• Emulsifiers

CinChemPro brings to the group an outstanding opportunity to further serve PPT’s current partners with a more diverse skill set, while providing CCP’s current clients access to PPT’s technological and entrepreneurial resources. It also provides a broader market reach into exciting new technologies that fit the group’s growth objectives. CCP’s location provides PPT with a complimentary satellite production facility, which will be closely aligned to the combined research and technical knowledge center based in Valparaiso, IN.

We look forward to reaching out to the specialty materials and products suppliers with our expanded capability. For their current customers, CinChemPro will now have additional resources for capacity and technical expansion projects to meet customer needs.

For further information please contact Ms. Regina Hofferth at (219) 462-4141 ext.244 or rhofferth@pptechnology.com

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