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Pond Maintenance Solutions from Interstate Products

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading provider of environmental and industrial solutions now offers more ways than ever to help control unwanted floating and submersed aquatic weeds in ponds, lakes and lagoons. Whether you need to eliminate menacing aquatic weeds such as cattail and duckweed or are having trouble with algae, IPI has the solution to keep your body of water beautiful all year around with our complete selection of pond maintenance products and aquatic weed and algae killers. As part of our free shipping promotion on select aquatic weed control products, IPI also provides cost effective total weed and vegetation killers for grass, land-based weeds and more.

Ideal solutions for commercial developers, municipalities, golf courses, farms and residential property owners, IPI offers the right products to help kill weeds in ponds, get rid of duck weed, floating weeds and other submersed weeds in most any situation. Aquatic weeds that are allowed to grow uncontrolled can interfere with fishing and other water sports, and also restrict water flows. Other problems include non-native weed species like milfoil which can be very aggressive and displace native species. Issues related to warmer weather and high nutrient levels from runoff into lakes and ponds can add to these problems by promoting algae growth and reducing the amounts of dissolved oxygen in the water, potentially harming fish and impacting other wildlife. Pond algae can also be unsightly and a source of unpleasant odors.

Keeping your pond clean from algae blooms and clear of aquatic weeds has never been easier. Interstate Products enables you to maximize your pond or lake shore's health and control algae problems while nurturing beneficial shoreline weeds. When you need an effective tool for killing floating and submersed aquatic weeds, our Eliminator brand is designed for use controlling aquatic plants in lakes, back yard ponds, lagoons and drainage ditches. Eliminator Pond Weed Killer is a versatile dual purpose aquatic and terrestrial non-selective weed killing contact herbicide that leaves no residual affect and is environmentally safe for fish or other wildlife when used as directed. Eliminator, registered with the EPA, and can be used as an excellent shoreline edger, eliminating vegetation around the perimeters of lakes, ponds or drainage ditches and can also be applied to kill unwanted aquatic vegetation such as algae, duckweed and cattails.

Interstate Products is currently offering free shipping on select herbicides. IPI recommends that users always follow all directions on the product label and apply herbicides in accordance with EPA and any local regulations, restrictions or cautions. Since availability is restricted in certain areas, IPI provides detailed technical information, spec sheets and instructions for use on our online store. In addition to non-selective aquatic weed killers for lakes and ponds, we also offer a full line of industrial strength solutions for complete terrestrial weed control, including selective herbicides to eliminate weeds in lawns and shrubbery. For free help on how to choose the best herbicide, visit our weed control resource center for professional advice on selecting the right product for your needs. Contact us today for more information or for assistance ordering the ideal pond maintenance solution for your facility or aquatic application. To browse IPI's full line of weed control products visit our online store at:

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