Platinum Tooling President Presents Product Lines in New Video

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., the exclusive North American importer of Heimatec Live Tools and Angle Heads, Tecnicrafts Swiss Collets and Guide Bushings, Henninger Spindle Speeders and AMF Cleaning and Marking tools, recently created a video highlighting the products they would have shown in their booth at IMTS this year.

Preben Hansen, company president, presented the various product lines Platinum Tooling offers and highlights the areas of expansion since the last IMTS show in 2018. Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. has a wide selection of machine tool accessories for most machine brands. 

Hansen demonstrated the u-tec® flexible changing system for Live Tools offered from their flagship brand, Heimatec. The tool featured was an ER 32 output cross-working tool for a BMT style turret. While standard ER 32 collets can be used in this tool, Hansen explained the beauty of the built-in changing system designed to receive a variety of adapters for different applications. With this system, the customer realizes both flexibility and cost savings.

Due to the budgetary restraints caused by COVID-19, Hansen commented that many buyers are interested in buying tools that can help them do more with their existing machines, rather than investing in new equipment. One example shown was a twin spindle tool which creates a second output from a single turret position. Another tool featured was an adjustable angle tool that allows users to produce a feature on the workpiece with a compound angle without having to re-fixture the part.

In addition, Heimatec offers a wide range of Static Tools to complement their Live Tools. This includes boring bar holders, facing holders, standard and half index turning tools as presented. Other new developments from the company include CAPTO output tooling and Live and Static Tools for Citizen machines. Platinum Tooling stocks many of these tools at their headquarters in Prospect Heights, Illinois.

The last tool highlighted from the Heimatec line was a Machining Center Angle Head weighing 12 pounds with an ER 25 output that can hold a 5/8” cutter. At this weight, the tool can be used with almost any Automatic Tool Changers on the market. This is just one of many Angle Head styles offered by Platinum Tooling. As with Live Tools, most Angle Heads are designed with the u-tec® flexible changing system. 

The Tecnicrafts line is another area of expansion featured by Platinum Tooling. Collets and Guide Bushings for Swiss type CNC Lathes, specialty collets for CNC cutter grinders as well as 5C & 16C Collets are included in their selection. These high-quality workholding tools are offered in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Many popular items in inch and metric sizes are stocked at Platinum Tooling.

Speed Increasers and Custom Angle Heads from Henninger are also offered through Platinum Tooling. Speeder types include mechanical, air, and motor driven. Mechanical driven speed increasers provide rpm up to 50,000, while air and high frequency speeders offer rpm up to 80,000.

Lastly, Hansen introduced the Cleaning and part Marking tools supplied by AMF. Typically used in toolholders utilizing ER Collets or Weldon clamping systems, these tools can be used independently or in conjunction with each other during the machining process. The high-speed marking tool will permanently mark the workpiece while the cleaning tool washes away unwanted chips. New for Platinum Tooling this year is the AMF gripper. This product is operated pneumatically by compressed air or hydraulically with coolant via the machine spindle for repositioning the workpiece. 

Platinum Tooling prides itself on representing the highest quality machine tool accessories in the marketplace. They offer standard and custom tools throughout their product lines to help with the most challenging applications.

A new Platinum Tooling Image Catalog is now available upon request featuring all of the products lines shown in the video.

For more information, please contact:
Preben Hansen, President
Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc.
16 East Piper Lane, Suite 128
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

Agency contact:
Tim Daro
Bernard & Company

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