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Plastic Technologies Launches Free iPhone/iPad app Which Calculates Moisture Level Impact on PET Intrinsic Viscosity

Press release date: Jan 19, 2011

Holland, Ohio -Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has launched a new free iPhone/iPad app to calculate the final intrinsic viscosity (IV) for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin. The app is the first of its kind for the plastics packaging industry.

IV has a significant impact on how PET resin will process. After the resin arrives at a processor's facility, it is typically dried to remove as much moisture as possible before being used to create preforms and bottles.

"When you buy PET resin, the manufacturer has already indicated what its ideal processing IV should be. However, due the basic nature of PET, the resin will have absorbed moisture which is why it needs to be dried before processing. Through drying experience and processing expertise, typically there is an estimate as to what the actual viscosity is at the time of processing. However, without knowing the actual IV, you run the risk of creating packaging that doesn't meet performance specifications," said Scott Steele, vice president global analytical labs, training and enterprise projects, PTI.

The format, called a nomograph, uses a graphic representation of numerical values to produce a final calculation. PTI's PET Hydrolytic Degradation Nomograph enables the user to indicate the starting IV by sliding a plot point on a vertical scale to the appropriate value. The same is done for moisture percentage. The two plot points are connected by a moveable line. The intersection of that line, on a third vertical plane, is the material's final IV.

"We wanted to create a tool that was free, portable and easy-to-use. This nomograph calculates the final IV in a couple of seconds. The visual reference points are easy to plot and read. PTI's PET Hydrolytic Degradation Nomograph has the potential to save companies significant money by removing the guesswork out of determining the correct final IV. This minimizes the chance of producing underperforming preforms, bottles and thermoforms," Steele said.

The nomograph is an ideal tool for plastic processors, resin producers, lab techs, plant production, equipment manufacturers and others involved in the PET process. It can be quickly located in the iTunes App Store by searching for "PET nomograph."

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