Pipe Plugs are available in double lengths and seals.

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Double length and double seal versions of steel- and aluminium-based pipe plugs cannot tilt, lose seal, leak to allow harmful product to escape, or lose pressure. Stabilized plugs are suited for sealing and leak testing pipes in gas, water, petrochemical, LNG, food and drink, semiconductor, and shipbuilding applications. Extenders are available for when plugs need to be placed deep inside tubes and pipes away from ends.

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Double Length Aluminium & Steel Pipe Plugs - Stabilised Plugs Introduced for Sealing & Leak Testing Pipe Fabrications & Pipelines

As pipe sizes become larger, and as the products inside them become more aggressive, the criteria for selecting plugs for product isolation purposes and for pipe-work leak testing have had to be upgraded.

To stay apace with these changes, the Pipestoppers(TM) Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited has developed new ranges of the Company's popular range of expandable steel and aluminium based pipe plugs to include double length and double seal versions.

Now, in those areas where sudden or higher pressures will occur the double length and double seal offers a critical stability to ensure that the plug cannot tilt or lose its seal and no leak will occur to allow harmful product to escape or pressure to be lost.

Where the internal product might be corrosive as far as the natural rubber seals are concerned, Pipestoppers provide alternative seals made from Nitrile, Silicon or Viton.

Extenders are also offered for situations were the plugs are required to be placed deeper inside tubes and pipes away from the ends.

Specific applications for such plugs are in Gas, Water, Petrochemical, LNG, Food and Drinks, Semiconductor, Shipbuilding and any other industries where pipes, pipelines and pipe-work are an important part of daily life.

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