Pins, Punches and Perforators 2007 Catalog Features over 25,000 Parts

A new, 32-page catalog and price list that includes a full range of precision pins, punches, perforators, and special components for dies and molds and worksheet templates for requesting custom price quotes is being offered by Royal Diversified Products, Inc. of Warren, Rhode Island.

The Royal 2007 Catalog features over 25,000 standard parts and has an easy to read visual index to let users quickly find what they need. Providing descriptions, specifications, and prices for each product, this catalog includes a broad line of pins, punches, perforators, core pins and blanks, ejector pins and sleeves, die kicker pins, and related mold components.

Introducing new side locks, tapered interlocks, and slug ejector punches, the Royal 2007 Catalog also describes a wide range of custom modifications that can be provided and includes drawings and descriptions. To help users obtain quote requests for custom products, there are worksheet templates that can be easily completed and faxed to the firm for a rapid response.

The Royal 2007 Catalog is available from: Royal Diversified Products, Inc., P.O. Box 444, Warren, RI 02885 or can be downloaded from

For more information contact:
Royal Diversified Products, Inc.
Steven J. Barrows, Sales Manager
287 Market St.
Warren, RI 02885
(800) 556-7916 FAX (401) 247-2231

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