Pilz Consultants Facilitate CE Mark Test Equipment Exported from US on Arrival in UK

CANTON, Mich., Dec. 8 - Johnson Controls is one of the world's foremost suppliers of automotive interior electronics, with a particular strength in radio frequency, multimedia and telematics systems. At its factory in Warwickshire, UK, Johnson Controls has recently started production of a new telematics product that had been developed in its technology center in Holland, MI. Johnson Controls rigorously tests its products as part of a strict quality assurance process, and the new telematics system is no exception. A custom-designed end-of-line test station was therefore developed by the Test Engineering Group at the Holland facility for installing in the Leamington Spa factory.

Although the goal had been to CE mark the equipment in accordance with the European EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and Low Voltage Directives in the US before shipping it to the UK, a lack of time meant that this was not possible. Consequently the equipment had to be CE marked very quickly, and Johnson Controls did not have the resources to do this in-house. However, preparing the equipment for CE marking in accordance with the EMC and Low Voltage (LVD) Directives involved collating all of the correct documentation, undertaking an initial assessment, and booking time in the independent TUV Product Services laboratory at Bearley, Warwickshire, for testing the electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility. Furthermore, the assessments and testing highlighted areas that required attention, largely as a result of it being assembled in the USA from components not designed to comply with European standards, so the Pilz consultants provided advice and guidance to enable the necessary work to be completed in just five working days.

Once the equipment had been satisfactorily retested and a report issued by TUV Product Services, the Technical Construction File was completed, a Declaration of Conformity was prepared and signed by the local Pilz General Manager, and the equipment was CE marked.

"We received excellent service from Pilz, and the consultants were extremely professional, conscientious and responsive," says Scott Mee, the lead EMC engineer from Johnson Controls Automotive Group, of the project. "We had not intended to CE mark the equipment in the UK, so the project was on the critical path from the beginning. It was great to be able to leave the management of the process in the hands of experts. Then, when we had made modifications to the unit, Pilz helped us to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.

"The project ran smoothly from start to finish, thanks to the services provided by Pilz," Mee adds. "I would definitely use the Pilz consultants again should a similar situation arise, and would highly recommend them."

Source: Pilz Automation Safety


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