PFERD INC Hosts Manufacturing Day

PFERD INC, the Milwaukee-based manufacturer of premium brushes, abrasives and power tools took the opportunity and turned the event into a career day as well

Milwaukee -- PFERD INC, a global leader in the manufacture of premium quality brushes, abrasives and power tools, hosted Manufacturing Day at its state-of-the-art Milwaukee headquarters in early October.

Manufacturing Day is a nationwide celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation workforce. As part of the day’s events, PFERD hosted a “career fair” with company representatives from the Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing and Logistics departments that talked to the students and visitors not only about the manufacturing process, but about career opportunities within the industry. There was a lively give-and-take as the students asked meaningful questions and were interested to learn about these different areas.

In addition to the department presentations, John Thompson, PFERD national technical sales manager, did live demonstrations of product applications, including paint removal from metal.

The day also included a plant tour where attendees were able to interact with PFERD manufacturing employees and see how wire brushes are made. They also had an opportunity to use the company’s laser imprinter to personalize a component with the Manufacturing Day logo as a memento. Precautions were in place during the plant tour to ensure the safety of the students and visitors.

Maria Cartier, PFERD marketing manager said, “We took Manufacturing Day one step further and turned it into a career day too. The PFERD Team was excited to share the day with students and visitors and to show not only our manufacturing facility, but the various career opportunities within manufacturing. The students and their chaperones were very engaged and seemed genuinely interested. All in all, we’re very pleased with the success of our inaugural Manufacturing Day.”

PFERD INC. is the U.S. subsidiary of August Rüggeberg GmbH Co. of Marienheide, Germany. As a global manufacturer of abrasives, brushes and power tools, PFERD offers a comprehensive line of products and services for metal cutting and surface conditioning. With over 200 years of experience in developing innovative products that optimize productivity, achieve economic efficiencies and improve operator health and safety – customers around the world TRUST BLUE.


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