Petrochemical Pipework Welded Better

Titanium & Nickel alloy welds as well as those made on stainless and Duplex steels free from oxidation.

The Petrochemical industry has been turning more and more to the use of Titanium over the last few years, because of its superior resistance to corrosion and its extremely attractive strength to weight ratio.

Titanium, like other corrosion resistant metals used in the Petrochemical industry, needs special attention to the welded joints, so much so that oxygen and other atmospheric gases have to be excluded to a higher level even than for welding Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel and the high nickel 'Superalloy' Joints

In the Petrochemical environment, it is impractical to try to weld such joints in an enclosure of some kind, so is necessary to find a way to shield the welds locally to avoid contact with air and prevent the risk of oxidation and joint fracture in particular.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, has now produced a power point presentation showing their whole range of lightweight, low cost, trailing shields that can be easily attached to the welding torch whether it be for manual or automatic welding.

Along with detailed descriptions of the products available, the presentation shows how these trailing shields can pay for themselves in just two welds. Argweld® Trailing Shields are designed for welding flat sheet metalwork and for every diameter of tube pipe or vessel from 1" upwards.

The Shields fit every kind of TIG/GTAW or MIG/GMAW welding torch Further details about the shields can be obtained from the company or by viewing the web site on


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