Pearson Packaging Systems Launches New Multipacking Infeed for Case Packing Systems

SPOKANE, Wash. - Pearson Packaging Systems, a leading manufacturer of secondary packaging equipment, is pleased to deliver the MPI-300. This innovative multipacking infeed performs at speeds up to 300 bars per minute, per infeed lane. Also the design offers the capability to accept up to five vertical infeed lanes. This compact design has a minimal foot print and allows for fast change over.

"Pearson is proud to be further diversifying our product line to include multipack systems," said, Michael A. Senske, President and CEO. "The MPI-300 was designed and engineered to take up significantly less floor space than more traditional infeed systems. Employing a vertically stacked collating system, the MPI-300 can be compact while maintaining its high product rates. Pearson provides our customers with a full range of offerings including engineered systems, top-load case packers in both robotic and gantry styles, and a core product line of case erectors, sealers, and bag inserters. The launch of the MPI-300 is yet another way we are continuing to build on our promise of offering customers solutions for all of their secondary packaging needs," he said.

Product information and a video demonstration will be available at PackExpo 2010, October 31-November 3rd at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois.

About Pearson

Pearson Packaging Systems is a professional, friendly and knowledgeable provider of packaging equipment. Our technical team offers custom solutions including robotic engineered systems for top loading, palletizing, depalletizing and magazine loading; top load case packers and secondary packaging equipment solutions including case erectors, case sealers, bag inserters & uncuffers, beverage equipment and specialized products.

We pride ourselves in standing behind our products and always delivering on what we promise. We help our customers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and South America develop applications for delivering food, beverage, durable, non-durable and pharmaceutical goods. Part of our promise includes aftermarket parts and service. With regionalized service technicians and access to ordering upgrade kits and parts online, we are committed to making your job easier.

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