pDCPD Molding Provides Critical Updates for Light Tower Line

OSBORNE, KANSAS - The light weight, impact resistance and aesthetic qualities of pDCPD made it the perfect choice for a new molded plastic enclosure - a recent collaboration between Osborne Industries, Inc. and Allmand Bros., Inc.

The enclosure, manufactured by Osborne, a leader in pDCPD molding using Telene® DCPD resins, protects the Night-Lite PRO II, the newest edition of Holdrege, Nebraska-based Allmand's light towerline.

Durability and aesthetics were just two of the factors Allmand engineers had to consider when deciding what material should be used to replace the steel previously used for the enclosure.

Polydicyclopentadiene (pDCPD) was the logical choice because the enclosure had to withstand harsh work environments, including very cold temperatures, while adhering to the appearance standards of Allmand.

Available in the US from Zeon Chemicals in Louisville, KY, Telene® is a low-viscosity liquid processed using Reaction Injection Molding equipment with a self-cleaning mixing head. The two-component system is based on extra high purity dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) reacting via a Ring Opening Metathesis polymerization.

"pDCPD gave us the design flexibility to replace several metal components into a light-weight cover that is aesthetically pleasing" said Greg Fisher, Allmand Director of Engineering.

George Eakin, VP of Operations at Osborne Industries noted other important characteristics of the material: ''pDCPD has very good impact properties to withstand the rough service that this machine will see in the field, and pDCPD allows body style and shape to enhance the aesthetic qualities of this machine."

The most obvious of the tower's new features is the molded poly "gull-wing" style doors, which provide:

o Impact resistance

o Rust resistance

o Full access to all major service components in the enclosure

Visitors at this year's Rental Show in Las Vegas, where the Night-Lite PRO II was unveiled, were impressed with the changes, said Jeremy Klein, Director of Marketing at Allmand. "Customers, both current and new, were just as excited as we were with the sleek look and the material."

Attendees also had the chance to beat one of the new polymer doors with a rubber hammer to test its sturdiness. "The pDCPD doors passed the test with flying colors. Everyone is happy with the new material," Klein said, noting the enclosure is the first of its kind to be molded from pDCPD and marketed on this type of machine.

The pDCPD enclosure is the inaugural project of a growing partnership between Osborne Industries and Allmand, which share a cultural alignment, work ethic and can-do attitude, Fisher said.

Eakin agreed: "Our similarities allow for direct communications between engineers, sales, and marketing departments. This enhanced communication provided the speed with which the project was developed and implemented into production, and speed is the success story for the future of any product."

Osborne Industries' 20+ years of pDCPD molding experience, using Telene® DCPD resins, was another key to the collaboration's success. "It was clear they had the capability to make this project a reality," Fisher said, "and our initial impressions turned out to be correct, as Osborne Industries delivered what they promised."

Polydicyclopentadiene is an engineered thermoset polymer possessing an excellent combination of impact strength, chemical and corrosion resistance, stiffness, and heat resistance. pDCPD has been proven in applications ranging from large truck and bus body panels to cold weather recreational vehicles and can be used on numerous other applications where large, tough, corrosion-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing appearance is required.

Osborne Industries, Inc., founded in 1973, is a custom liquid molder of thermosetting resins via Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) and Reaction Injection Molding (RIM). For more information, contact Osborne Industries, Inc., P.O. Box 388, Osborne, KS 67473, call 800-255-0316, fax 785-346-2194, e-mail plastics@osborneindustries.com or visit the company's website at www.osborneindustries.com

Allmand Bros. Inc., established in 1938, is a leading manufacturer of portable light towers, compact tractor loader backhoes, Port-A-Lite light stands, solar arrow boards and jobsite heaters. For more information, contact Allmand Bros. Inc., P.O. Box 888, Holdrege, NE 68949, call 800-562-1373, fax 308-995-5887, e-mail info@allmand.com or visit the company's website at www.allmand.com.

Zeon Chemicals L.P. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zeon Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, a world leader in specialty elastomers, polymers, and specialty chemicals. Zeon Corporation is one of the top producers of polymers in the world with plants in Asia, North America, and Europe, and Research and Development laboratories in Kawasaki (Japan), Louisville (KY, USA), and Barry (UK).

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