PBC Linear Now a Recognized AHTD Manufacturer

Providing innovative linear motion products and custom services

Rockford, IL - December 10, 2008

PBC Linear has been named a valued manufacturer by the Association for High Technology Distribution (ATHD). As of this year, ATHD has recognized PBC Linear's strive to provide the latest technology in linear motion to its customers. From the Simplicity self-lubricating bearing to the newly patented, cost-efficient linear guide technology-Integral V, PBC Linear has always been a manufacturer of long-lasting, high precision linear motion products.

Beginning in 1985, ATHD formed as a collection of distributors that did not merely want to sell their customers single products, but accompany that service with engineering expertise and know how to give their customers a recommendation for an entire system, rather than just a product. 14 years later, what started as a small group of electrical distributors trying to meet a small niche in the engineering market has grown into a behemoth of high tech distributors. With knowledgeable customer service from beginning to end, ATHD has become a staple in the engineering market, and only admits members that can match their outstanding service.

To ensure the continued service of both high tech products and knowledge, ATHD underwent a major revamping in 1999. Updating their eligibility requirements and standards to where only the most advanced products need apply, ATHD made all current distributors resubmit their applications to maintain their persona as an association that offers the latest in product advancement. Presently, their high standards still hold to any manufacturer wishing to become a part of ATHD. Armed with their new line of high precision linear actuators and Integral V Technology, PBC Linear has met these newly scrutinized standards and been inducted into membership.

For more information on PBC Linear, their products or AHTD membership, please call 1.800.729.9085, email to marketing@pacific-bearing.com, or visit us at www.pbclinear.com

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