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Patlite CLK Series LED Worklights Deliver Superior Luminescence, Improve Productivity, and Reduce Repair and Replacement Costs, on CNC Machines

TORRANCE, CA- Kyocera Tycom, a manufacturer of tight tolerance carbide cutting tools for Print Circuit Board (PCB) applications, recently replaced problematic and expensive fluourescent lighting on their drill bit-producing CNC machines with Patlite CLK Series LED Worklights. Previously, the machines’ dim fluorescent lights provided insufficient lighting, and the harsh environmental conditions led to significant repair and replacement time and costs. CLK LED worklights have dramatically improved lighting conditions to enhance productivity, while eliminating the repair and replacement issues that were commonplace with the previous solution.

“The problem with the fluorescent lights was that they had to be changed every six months, and the plastic enclosures that were supposed to protect the lights were stained and filled with coolant oil. It took two or three hours to clean and replace the fluorescent lighting on each machine, and we even had situations where the light connectors were burned,” says Uriel Estrada, Floor Manager, Kyocera Tycom. “The protective enclosures weren’t replaced because they cost about $400 each and shipping cost about the same, so it simply wasn’t cost effective to replace them. Before installing the CLK LED Worklights we even brought in free standing auxiliary lighting to try and improve the lighting situation.”

High illumination CLK Series LED Worklights feature unique micro-array lens technology that provide even light distribution with

ultra-bright illuminance up to 2,100 lux, and maintain at least 70 percent of the initial brightness of 60,000 hours of operation. They feature a slim profile aluminum or stainless steel body that is resistant to water, oil and chemicals, which makes them easy to clean and simple to install, and provide low cost of ownership with minimal power consumption.

“CLK LED Worklights have been an ideal solution on our CNC machines because they remain bright, and the oil does not stain the lens and is not retained inside the light bar. They’ve also eliminated time consuming and costly maintenance required of our previous lighting and eliminated the need for auxiliary lighting, enabling our maintenance team to use their time more effectively,” explains Estrada.

“Unlike other LED worklights that often produce the notorious ‘yellow ring’ effect that can result in eye strain, the CLK series’ unique ‘micro-array lens’ evens out light refraction for more natural lighting and even light distribution,” says Paul Mizuki, Patlite Marketing Manager. “And the angled body and flat surface design of the CLK series delivers more than just a slim profile LED worklight; it also prevents dirt accumulation, enables oil and water to roll right off the surface and simplifies washdown and wipedown cleaning.”

IP66G, IP67G and IP69K-rated CLK series LED worklights offer one-touch installation as standard – users simply slide the CLK series onto the mounting bracket and lock it in place with a locking screw. Available options include M12 quick disconnect cables and M12 quick disconnect daisy link cables that enable up to five CLK units to be operated in series, depending on the model. Their robust design, long life, reliable operation and even light distribution are ideal for machine tool, production equipment, food and beverage, packaging, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electrical panel, chemical and other harsh application environments.


Kyocera Tycom designs and manufactures tight tolerance carbide cutting tools for Printed Circuit Board and Micro Industrial Tool applications. Their products include drills, routers, end mills and specialized cutting tools ranging from 0.05 mm to 10.0 mm (0.0020 in. to 0.3937 in.) in diameter. Kyocera Tycom products are designed using the latest developments in material science, and manufactured with the finest carbide grades available.

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Founded in 1947, PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network systems and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities. The company’s products and services help improve the quality control, productivity and safety of industrial automation, commercial, municipal and governmental customers.  PATLITE has more than 600 employees and the wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Singapore, Korea, and China.


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