Panorama Software Announces Latest Milestone in BI 3.0 - Necto 11 Service Pack 2 Includes Seamless SQL Server 2012 Integration

Availability of Improved Self-Service Analytics and Contextual Discovery With New SDK for Simple Integration into Client Environments

TORONTO, -- Panorama Software, a global leader in proactive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, announced today the release of service pack 2 for version 11 of its groundbreaking Necto business intelligence platform. Necto provides businesses with unparalleled relevant insights due to a social structure that analyzes the actions and results of all users into actionable intelligence.

Necto 11 SP2 allows companies to harness the full functionalities of SQL Server 2012, enabling a seamless transition from SQL 2008 or SQL 2005 and full usage of in-memory, DAX and Power View capabilities. Necto works in synch with SQL 2012, allowing companies with multiple data sources to easily incorporate the platform for the development of broader analyses that include large amounts of data. Necto's in tandem with SQL 2012 enables easier management of "big data" through Necto's ability to shorten the timeframe from data collection to ultimately analysis-based decisions. It can also handle constantly evolving data sets. SQL 2012 integration ensures a massive volume of big data can be handled with considerable accuracy.

Partners and customers that desire to integrate Necto into their current environments can utilize a new SDK package that was released with SP2 that includes a set of comprehensive API's. Necto features an open design that allows it to be extended and adapted for clients' specific needs.

"Service Pack 2 is the next evolution of our leading social BI platform that adds in the capabilities of SQL 2012 and big data analysis," said said Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software. "We made Necto a truly social platform that uses the actions and results of the group to provide insights for the individual user. Our SDK makes it even easier for our partners to integrate Necto into their native systems, allowing them to reap the benefits of social BI in concert with their environments."

The new release enables integration with Microsoft Lync for users that are conducting socially-focused BI in real time. Additional tools were also added that enhance Necto's social capabilities including enhanced methods for searching for users and impersonation that aid in contextual discovery.

About Panorama Software:

Panorama Software helps companies grow revenues, reduce costs and improve corporate performance by enabling social decision making and unlocking actionable insights contained within their data.

Leading the Business Intelligence 3.0 revolution, Panorama Software offers a new generation of BI solutions that introduces a unique way to connect data, insights, and people in the organization. Panorama Necto(TM) is the first BI solution that leverages Social Decision Making and Automated Insights to enable users gain insights more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater relevancy.

Panorama Software is the original developer of the OLAP technology that Microsoft acquired in 1996 and integrated into the SQL Server platform, and since has been a close and strategic Microsoft partner.

Panorama streamlines business operations for over 1,600 customers worldwide and has a wide eco-system of partners in 30 countries, maintaining offices throughout North America, EMEA and Asia. To learn more about Panorama Software, please visit

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