Pam Fastening HB-220 Hot Melt Glue Gun System with Adjustable Temperature Range Ideal for Low Production Applications

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- A hot melt glue gun with an adjustable operating temperature range and an advanced trigger mechanism to minimize operator fatigue is available from PAM Fastening Technology, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ideal for low volume production applications, the HB-220 Hot Melt Glue System from PAM Fastening is lightweight and operator friendly. Operating temperatures are adjustable from 284ºF to 428ºF allowing for flexibility in application and adhesive selection. Warm up time to the desired temperature is within just a few minutes.

The HB-220 is suitable for a variety of applications ranging from wood and leather processing, to interior decorating, toys, ceramics, packaging, bonding carpet tack strips and a variety of other general purpose applications.

Details of the HB-220 Hot Melt Glue System

The HB-220 Hot Melt Glue System comes with a 3 mm nozzle to maximize glue application. Alternate nozzles are available, optionally, for use with various substrates and adhesives. Heat up time of the molten adhesive is within five minutes.

A mechanical stroke limitation mechanism on the gun lets the operator control the flow and application of the adhesive for quick and efficient application. This results in a specific amount of glue being applied repeatedly to the coverage area with little waste and high accuracy.

Other unique features of the HB-220 Hot Melt Glue System include its high melting capacity, a trigger adjustment that conforms to the individual's hand size for a comfortable grip and an integrated on/off switch for safety.

The PAM HB-220 weighs 30 oz. and uses 220 Watts of power. The applicator uses electronic temperature controls with an efficient and adjustable thermometer on the applicator tool. The PAM HB-220 accepts a ½in. glue stick. An extra nozzle and case are also standard.

Applying the Adhesive

Applying the adhesive with PAM's HB-220 Hot Melt Glue System requires little or no training.

o After turning on the gun, allow it to warm up to the pre-set temperature.
o Make sure the trigger pull limit screw is set at the length appropriate for your application.
o Next, insert a glue stick into the gun.
o Fourth, apply the glue to the surface.
o Allow adhesive to dry as recommended by the adhesive supplier.

About PAM Fastening

With over 25 years of experience, PAM Fastening is a leader in automated screw gun systems technologies with corporate and research offices located in Charlotte, N. C. and Bremen, Germany. PAM's tools are used in a variety of industries including home construction and remodeling, cabinet and furniture assembly, manufactured housing and industrial packaging. The company also has a broad line of frame assembly equipment and accessories for the framing and hobby industry.

For more information, contact PAM Fastening at 2120 Gateway Blvd. Charlotte, N.C. 28208 Telephone is (704) 394-3141 FAX is (704) 394-9339 and e-mail is

You can also find PAM Fastening on the web at

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