Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Opens New Testing Laboratory

SPRINGFIELD, OH – Palmer Manufacturing Supply, Inc., recently opened The Strausbaugh Technology Center, offering complete testing services to metal casting and other industries.

Demands of today's business climate are many; condensed product life cycles, tighter cost controsl and shorter lead times. To succeed in this challenging environment, metal casters need complex testing services in both an effective and timely manner.

Palmer can perform virtually any mixing test on granular to powder materials with any liquid chemical system including resin mixing tests, reclamation tests, and rebonding cycle tests.

Palmer also has the experience to conduct trials on shell sand, frac sand, rubber crumb, adhesives, wood fiber, salt, baghouse fines, oxides, carbon, titanium, carbide, and many others.

Our laboratory, The Strausbaugh Technology Center, is equipped with the necessary equipment to perform standard foundry sand tests: LOI, ADV, Screen Analysis, Tensile Testing, Transverse Testing, pH Testing, Percent Sodium or Potassium Testing, as well as other non-foundry tests. Testing results can also be posted online for easy viewing.

Jack Palmer, President at Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, comments: “We are seeing a growing need for complete performance testing. Our customers are pleased with quickly getting results that impact their business. Once their testing results are complete, we can help them with cost-effective processes for existing or new production.”

Companies turn to Palmer to benefit from its world-class engineering, resources, and fully equipped facilities.

About Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.

Palmer is known globally for innovative, solution- driven engineering & high quality workmanship. They specialize in the production of heavy-duty No-Bake foundry equipment including: sand mixers, molding systems, core room equipment, sand reclamation, mold handlers, pumping systems, resin heating systems, sand conditioning, compaction tables, mold and core coating equipment, and complete systems and engineering services. Sales, service, and support to: USA, Mexico, South America, Canada, Asia, Europe.

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