Packaging Specialist Sourcentra Expanding Concept-to-Distribution Business Model

Framingham, MA – Sourcentra, a leading specialist in custom and off-the-shelf stock packaging, printing and premium promotional items, is expanding its “concept-to-distribution” business model with two new and innovative products. The products were brought to Sourcentra by inventors looking to bring their products to retail markets.

The first product is a stainless steel pen that can be disassembled and reformed as a tobacco pipe. Sourcentra is working with the pen’s inventor to create the manufacturing process, the packaging and, finally, the retail distribution plans, which will see the pen sold into a variety of different markets.

The second project is an innovative, self-contained disposable cat litter box made of corrugate material with a waxed inner liner. The box is die-cut with perforations, allowing the user to open the top of the box and fold it into a deep tray coated with material that renders the box leak-proof. The box comes with a plastic bag and gloves to make disposal easy: the user simply folds the box back up and inserts it into the bag, after which it’s ready to be sent down an apartment or hotel garbage chute or into a garbage can or dumpster. The box, which includes several days’ supply of cat litter, is ideal for cat owners vacationing with their pet, or those leaving a cat with a temporary caretaker.

Sourcentra has created samples of the disposal litter box and plans to manufacture it and distribute it to pet stores, veterinary clinics and across the hotel and hospitality industries.

“Sourcentra continues to lead the way in the ‘concept to distribution’ model of new products to market,” said company president and CEO Daniel Gonyea. “With this business model, we are helping inventors and entrepreneurs get their products to market.”

About Sourcentra

Founded in 1995, Sourcentra (, an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company for three consecutive years, has grown from a packaging supplier into a turnkey logistics partner. Sourcentra specializes in custom and off the shelf stock packaging, printing, premium promotional items and offers complete sourcing of traditional and non-traditional products. Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, Sourcentra works within many industries to design, sample, manufacture or assemble, print and deliver anywhere, on time and on budget.

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