Pac Strapping is Awarded Paradigm Award by Chester County Economic Development Council

When our co-founders Ed Brownley and Peter Silvester founded PAC Strapping in 1982, the idea of winning awards wasn't even on their radar. They had two main goals in mind. First, they wanted to grow their company into the best manufacturer and supplier of plastic and steel strapping and strapping supplies around. Perhaps even more importantly, they wanted to create a value system that would set PAC Strapping apart from anyone else in the industry. To do achieve this lofty goal, Ed and Peter knew that if they wanted to make a go of it, they had to commit to their employees, their customers, and their community before anything else. If they could maintain a high level of trust, loyalty, innovation, and quality, the rest would take care of itself.

Well, after thirty years of never wavering from this initial commitment, we are still going strong. We started with a catalog line of 10 products, and now we have 80 employees in two locations and over 5,000 products to choose from.

With all this in mind, Ed, Peter, and everyone at PAC Strapping was extremely proud and humbled to have recently been awarded the Paradigm Award by the Chester County Economic Development Council. The award, which is given annually to a local company that serves as an example of the entrepreneurial spirit, was presented at this year's Annual Business Achievement Awards Gala. Ed and Peter want to thank everyone at the CCEDC for this amazing honor, but more importantly, they want to thank all of the employees that made the last 30 years so successful and fulfilling.
About Pac Strapping:

Founded in 1982, PAC Strapping Products, Inc, is a full service manufacturer and supplier of plastic strapping, plastic
strapping machines and systems, steel strapping, along with tools and accessories for both plastic and steel strapping.
For over 25 years PAC has focused on providing the best value in our industry by supplying our customers with a full line
of quality products, on time delivery, competitive pricing and innovative solutions.

For more information, please visit our website, call 800-523-7752 or email

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