Oxonica CEO Awarded Small Times 2005 Best of Small Tech Business Leader of the Year

Dr Kevin Matthews, CEO of Oxonica, a leading UK nanotechnology company, has been awarded the Small Times 2005 Best of Small Tech Business Leader of the Year.

The last 12 months have been very successful for Oxonica. The company announced the adoption of its award winning product Envirox(TM) Fuel Borne Catalyst by Stagecoach plc, a leading UK transport group and the inclusion of Optisol(TM) UV Absorber in Boots' Soltan Facial Sunscreen. Envirox(TM) was also launched as a premium diesel in the Philippines and in July of this year, the company successfully floated on AIM.

Small Times Magazine presented its highly respected small tech awards at NanoCommerce conference and trade show in Chicago earlier this month, at which Dr Matthews participated in a panel discussion on Business Perspectives on Nanomaterials.

Small Times Magazine is the leading source of business news and analysis about the small tech industry, which includes nanotechnology, MEMS and microsystems

Kevin Matthews, CEO Oxonica commented:
"I am delighted to have won this award. Being recognised in the US, where the development of nanotechnology is a core government focus and the business space is highly active, illustrates that Oxonica is beginning to establish itself on the global stage."

David Forman, Small Times Associate Editor said:
"It was easy to point to Oxonica's July IPO as a key achievement for CEO Kevin Matthews, but Matthews also oversaw the rollout of Oxonica's materials into products as diverse as cosmetics and diesel fuel, and in locations from Europe to the Philippines."

In summary, it has been an award winning year for Kevin, who earlier in June received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the South region.

Peter Dobson, one of the founders of Oxonica and still actively involved with the company as well as maintaining a full time role in the University of Oxford, was also awarded the 2005 Best of Small Tech Innovator of the Year award.

Candace Stuart, Small Times Editor-in-Chief commented:
"Peter Dobson exemplifies the vision and perseverance that is needed to turn nanotechnology's potential into marketable products."

It was the fourth annual Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech Awards, spotlighting the top leaders and the biggest successes in nanotechnology, MEMS and microsystems during the past year.


About Oxonica plc - www.oxonica.com
Oxonica is one of the leading European nanomaterials groups with products already launched into international markets. It was spun-out from Oxford University in 1999 and currently employs 37 professional staff.

Oxonica's mission is to develop innovative commercial solutions for international markets using its expertise in the design and application of nanomaterials.

The company has three operating divisions: Oxonica Energy, Oxonica Healthcare and Oxonica Materials.

Commercialised products are:

Envirox(TM) Fuel Borne Catalyst - a fuel borne nanocatalyst for diesel engines which reduces fuel consumption with savings of 5-10% and reduces particulate emissions by up to 15%. The product has already been adopted by Stagecoach Group in the UK and is distributed by DMX Technology Corporation to petroleum companies in the Philippines for use in a premium diesel.

Optisol(TM) UV Absorber - a photostable UV absorber that provides enhanced and longer lasting protection against UVA in sun-care and anti-ageing products. Optisol(TM) also reduces the formation of free radicals produced from exposure to the sun and which are implicated in premature skin ageing. Boots Group plc is the first to incorporate Optisol(TM) in their new Soltan Facial Sun Defense Cream for 2005.

In addition, Oxonica is working to generate a range of future product applications. These include additional fuel saving additives, marker technology for the clinical and life science diagnostics markets, further UV protection applications, including tailoring the Optisol(TM) product in the cosmetics markets, and new products for plastics and coatings, transparent conducting films and security markers.

Optisol(TM) and Envirox(TM) are trademarks of Oxonica.

For further information please contact:

Internal PR Contact
Sonia Bouzid, PR Manager
+44 1865 856 728

External PR Contact
Nigel Robson, Vortex PR
+44 1481 233 080

About the Awards
This is the fourth year of the prestigious Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech Awards. Nominees are evaluated by Small Times Media staff and seven panels of industry experts. Awards are based on accomplishments between September 1, 2004 and September 1, 2005. More details can be found in the November/December issue or online at www.smalltimes.com.

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