OXIS Energy Limited and GP Batteries Collaborate on the Commercial Production of Polymer Lithium Sulfur Battery System

OXFORD, England- OXIS Energy Limited, United Kingdom, and GP Batteries International Limited, Singapore, today announced a joint manufacturing agreement to accelerate the commercialization of OXIS' proprietary Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) battery systems for use in different energy sectors of the world market.

GP Batteries is a major world-class manufacturer of primary and rechargeable batteries. With its worldwide headquarters in Hong Kong, GP Batteries has a global sales network for a wide range of batteries. It also has over a dozen manufacturing plants in China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Revenue for 2012 was in excess of $700 million, with a global employment totalling over 8000. OXIS will benefit from the GP Batteries' worldwide presence in developing sales of its Lithium Sulfur polymer battery systems into the defence, automotive and solar panel markets. The manufacturing strength of GP Batteries will provide a solid basis for the mass production of these Lithium Sulfur cells.

Huw Hampson-Jones, OXIS' Chief Executive Officer, stated "This agreement is a quantum leap forward in our pursuit to showcase to the world OXIS's breakthrough technology. With this partnership, OXIS has a world-class manufacturer for the mass production of polymer Li-S cells and battery systems. The collaboration will speed up the introduction of this remarkable technology for use in every imaginable energy sector. The expertise of both companies will have a significant impact in powering electric vehicles safely and over much longer distances than that of the current Lithium-Ion battery technology."

"Lithium Sulfur polymer batteries could well be the long sought after technology which will correct many of the deficiencies and shortcomings of the present generation of Lithium-Ion batteries, such as safety", said GP Batteries Chairman and Chief Executive Andrew Ng. "There is no doubt that OXIS is in possession of breakthrough technology and will change the technology landscape. With the experience in transforming ideas to reality, we look forward to playing a pivotal role in delivering the next generation of Lithium batteries to the market."

OXIS and GP Batteries have agreed to establish a joint Project Steering Board which will review the improvements in the developing technology and which will be presented to their joint customers.

It is expected that, in the future, GP Batteries will become a leading supplier of the OXIS Lithium Sulfur polymer battery.


Huw W. Hampson-Jones
Chief Executive Officer
OXIS energy Ltd.


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