Orthopaedic Surgeons to Use HipGrid Drone at the ICJR 2016 5th Annual Direct Anterior Approach Hip Course

SALT LAKE CITY - This September 22-24, the International Congress for Joint Reconstruction (ICJR) will hold its 5th Annual Direct Anterior Hip Course for orthopaedic surgeons in Houston, TX. OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.'s (Salt Lake City, UT) will be in attendance at the meeting for the fourth year in a row.

OrthoGrid's presence at the meeting has grown over the past four years. Richard Boddington, OrthoGrid CEO says, "We thank ICJR for the opportunity to showcase the efficacy of our HipGrid technology for direct anterior total hip arthroplasty. We're thrilled to offer orthopaedic surgeons a simple, elegant solution to ease the learning curve of an already challenging procedure."

OrthoGrid's mix of innovative culture, emphasis on research and development, and technological advances provides a high level of ease, efficiency, and accuracy to orthopaedic surgical procedures such as total hip replacement (THR). "We look forward to meeting the surgeons attending this year's ICJR Direct Anterior Hip Course and making their learning experience even more valuable with HipGrid," says Mr. Boddington.

Direct anterior total hip arthroplasty (THA) has been gaining in popularity amongst surgeons and patients, as it is less invasive than standard, posterior approach total hip arthroplasty. With HipGrid, surgeons can quickly and effectively assess anatomic alignment and implant positioning in real time in the operating room using fluoroscopy and make necessary adjustments to optimize the surgical outcomes.

HipGrid's effectiveness has been demonstrated in peer-reviewed and ongoing direct anterior THA clinical studies, which show improved acetabular cup angle, leg length, and hip offset outcomes and decreased mean surgical time with HipGrid compared to without.

"We have a unique product that marries seamlessly with the other tools required to successfully implement a direct anterior approach program, and we look forward to making it available to as many surgeons as possible who are interested in improving and standardizing their fluoroscopic technique without breaking the bank," says Edouard Saget, OrthoGrid president.

To learn more about OrthoGrid and HipGrid Drone technology, visit OrthoGrid.com.

About OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.

OrthoGrid Systems, Inc. is a privately owned medical device company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its focus is inventing more accurate and cost-effective ways to assist in proper positioning of implants and restoration of leg length when performing total hip replacement (THR). OrthoGrid supplies a growing portfolio of patented and patent-pending technologies related to intraoperative alignment using radiopaque grid patterns for orthopedic total joint arthroplasty and trauma. Please visit company website for more information: www.OrthoGrid.com.

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