OptiPro and Zeiss Introduce Reliable Automated Aspheric Measurement

The OptiTrace 5000 by OptiPro Systems and ZEISS IMT opens the door to new advancements in the precision optics industry.

Ontario, NY-April 27 2010-OptiPro Systems and ZEISS Industrial Metrology (ZEISS IMT) have collaborated to provide a unique solution for the measurement of aspheres, cylinders and freeform precision optics. The OptiTrace 5000 is the integration of OptiPro's custom asphere analysis package, ergonomic environmental enclosure, and Y-Theta air bearing unit with the ZEISS Surfcom 5000 profilometer for 2D and 3D measurement.

The OptiTrace 5000 offers fast, easy and highly accurate aspheric lens profile measurement with many additional features and capabilities. The user-friendly interface developed by OptiPro streamlines the operator input and reduces the training required for new users. Aspheric measurement and data analysis along with auto peak/valley detection is a distinct capability that the OptiTrace 5000 offers. Aspheric data entry can easily be verified with a graphical display and sagita data table. The measurement data can be utilized for in-process development feedback to automated CNC optical fabrication equipment or final measurement inspection documentation. The OptiTrace 5000 is able to calculate the optimized base radius and slope errors for advanced aspheric analysis.

A fully programmable 32-bit Windows-based measuring software comes standard with the OptiTrace 5000. The ability to import or export data to a variety of CAD formats is another function of this machine. This allows you to analyze the measured data with CAD drawn geometric surfaces. Specially designed contour analysis software makes the ultimate goal of analyzing precision measurement data for complex shapes a reality.

In addition, the OptiTrace 5000 also has an incredibly accurate laser-holographic scale, which allows for dimensional measurement with a wide range of measuring envelopes and resolutions. This accuracy permits sub-micron surface verification. The linear motor-driven precision X-Axis horizontal drive has an integrated linear scale and ceramic guides, providing the rigidity for accurate and stable linear motion.

The flexible, graphical report generation with nominal flat line error developed display is yet another feature of this machine. This generated inspection report format is customary in the optics industry.

With the addition of OptiPro's Y-Theta interface and asphere analysis package, the OptiTrace 5000 has revolutionized the measurement capabilities in the optics industry. The OptiTrace 5000 is a dynamic solution that enables those in the optics industry to measure aspheres and aspherical cylinders with an assurance of accuracy and quality.

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Established in 1982, OptiPro Systems is a global leader in designing and building computer controlled grinding, polishing, and measuring equipment for the precision optics industry. They are committed to offering exceptional products, service, and technical support to its customers.

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