OpenTV Previews Vision for Future of Television at IBC 2006

Company to 'Open it Up' with Vision for TV Viewer Experience. OpenTV to Showcase Advanced Digital Television, Advanced Advertising, and Participation Television Solutions

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Aug. 31 -- OpenTV Corp. (Nasdaq GM: OPTV), a leading provider of enabling technologies for advanced digital television services, will showcase its latest technologies under the banner of "television is changing ... open it up!" at the IBC show on stand 1.381 at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam, September 8 - 12, 2006.

The theme, grounded by the premise that today's television viewers are demanding greater choice, flexibility, and access, encompasses the entire range of OpenTV's products on display. By "opening up" the technologies that serve as a foundation for set-top boxes and digital television, OpenTV is taking a leadership position by enabling the adoption of flexible business models and compelling viewer experiences in the television industry.

"Today, the central technologies for building and maintaining social networks around the world are the phone and the internet, said James A. (Jim) Chiddix, Chairman and CEO of OpenTV. "OpenTV believes that TV is next, and that the way to survive in this changing world is to embrace, explore, and enable that change. When we say we are 'opening up' television, we are extending our tradition of pioneering middleware and related solutions to new content sources, new navigation models, new forms of television advertising, and new experiences in participation with television."

Featured products at IBC will include solutions for advanced digital television; advanced advertising; and participation television.

oOpenTV Vision: Supporting its theme for IBC, OpenTV will debut a
supermodal, zoomable user interface (ZUI) that fundamentally changes
the way viewers navigate and make viewing choices from the massive
amounts of available content, by providing navigation tools that
create relevance and match interests.
oAdvanced Digital Television:
o As a leader in high definition television (HDTV), OpenTV will
showcase a number of live HDTV services from OpenTV customers
as well as a wide array of HD set-top boxes from ADB, Pace,
Philips, Scientific Atlanta, and Thomson.
o OpenTV will demonstrate the power of its popular Core2/PVR2
set-top software through the demonstration of a HD guide
developed by Nagravision. The guide features key elements such
as time-shifting, scheduling, and series linking, as well as
push VOD.
o OpenTV will demonstrate IPTV, highlighting a solution for
hybrid IPTV deployments by cable and satellite operators.
o OpenTV Core2/PVR2 supports multiple application execution
environments including HTML and Flash®. OpenTV will showcase
its Flash solution, based on the award-winning MachBlue(TM)
from Bluestreak Network, supporting rapid authoring of enhanced
programming using standard Adobe® Flash authoring tools.
OpenTV will also demonstrate its industry -leading HTML
solution with home networking applications.
o OpenTV will showcase its U.S. cable solution running OpenTV
Core2 on Motorola pre-OCAP set-top boxes, enabling multiple
applications, including Time Warner's Mystro Digital Navigator
o Also shown will be OpenTV's solution for Switched Digital Video
which enables operators to deploy Switched Digital Video
enabling instant bandwidth allocation for infrequently used
channels, freeing up bandwidth for other competitive offerings
such as high definition broadcasting and video-on-demand.
o OpenTV has also integrated technologies with ICTV(TM) and will
be demonstrating a personalized mosaic that delivers
alternative navigation and Internet-type programming and
advertising capabilities to OpenTV-enabled set-top boxes.
oAdvanced Advertising:
o Demonstrations will feature an end-to-end production system for
enhanced advertising that engages audiences by enabling
compelling, interactive advertising applications to be created,
validated, scheduled, and launched more quickly and less
o Also shown will be OpenTV's advertising sales and inventory
management solutions with a demonstration of OpenTV's ad
decision engine for dynamic insertion of targeted ads.
oParticipation Television:
o OpenTV Participate is a fully integrated, transactional
solution for consumer participation television and supports
multiple platform interaction through devices such as mobile
telephones, web/PC, TV remotes, and telephone/IVR.
Participation TV modules include: Quiz, Vote, Prize
Management, iEvent, iShow, Charity, Auction, Betting, Gaming,
and Sales.

About Open TV
OpenTV is one of the world's leading providers of technologies and services enabling the delivery of digital and interactive television. The company's software has been integrated in over 70 million digital set-top- boxes in 96 countries. The software enables enhanced program guides, video-on- demand, personal video recording, enhanced television, interactive shopping, interactive and addressable advertising, games and gaming and a variety of consumer care and communication applications. For more information, please visit

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