OpenOffice is Ready for Teamwork

TeamDrive Collaboration Software Lets You Build Virtual Teams

Automatic Versioning and Synchronization of All Group Documents Over the Internet

Location-Independent Communication With Data That is Always Up-To-Date and Secure

BARCELONA, Spain, September 19 / / -- Just in time for this year's Conference September 19 - 21
in Barcelona, OpenOffice is ready for teamwork. The technical basis for this is software manufacturer PrimeSharing's team collaboration software, TeamDrive, which is offered free of charge for an unlimited time, and can be downloaded from With TeamDrive, universities, individual student groups or academic project groups, as well as small and medium sized companies, even those without their own IT departments, can build virtual teams over the Internet. The individual team members can, at any time and from any location, access and work with their OpenOffice files that have been automatically encrypted.

TeamDrive enables the administration of the Shared Spaces by the users themselves. According to the manufacturer, the automatic versioning and synchronization for all group documents over the Internet not only guarantees more clarity and transparency; TeamDrive also provides more security against data loss due to overwriting or unintentional deletion. This software, which was distinguished with the Data Protection Seal of Approval, is already being used successfully by numerous large companies. With the free Basic version, the software manufacturer, PrimeSharing implements its consistent strategy to provide everyone with free access to TeamDrive. TeamDrive enables companies and universities, in the context of work groups, to securely and automatically exchange, administer, and archive documents, scientific texts, surveys, graphics, offers, price lists, or contracts, regardless of the data format. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you are using Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, Math or legacy documents.

According to the software manufacturer, working with TeamDrive feels as if the entire team is working together in a large, networked office building, even though the individual group members are often located throughout the world. Due to the automatic synchronization of all files, all team members always have access to the current version and, using their own computers, they have access to all documents at all times, both online and offline. As soon as a team member modifies a file stored on the TeamDrive on their own computer, the file is versioned and, at the same time, the modified version is made available to all other members. This way, users can always be assured to have the current version on their own hard disk.

TeamDrive has very high security standards. A particularly distinguishing feature is the implied privacy protection available due to the automatic 256 bit encryption, and data backup in an external computing center. Encryption and compression of data occurs automatically in the background. The encryption keys are located only on the client computers. Therefore, no unauthorized access to the data is possible at any time, including no access by system administrators or service providers who are used for the data transmission. On the basis of the strong security measures, this year TeamDrive has already been awarded the Data Protection Seal of Approval from the Independent Center for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (ULD). The IT seal of approval certifies that a product conforms to the data protection regulations. For this reason, ULD recommends the preferred usage of the product.

PrimeSharing is the developer of "TeamDrive", a virtual drive for up-to-date data management for groups. Every participant sets up a T: drive on their hard disk which is accessed in the same way as any other drive, C:
or D:. With TeamDrive, Prime¬Sharing targets the strongly growing software and services market for collaboration technology.

Source: PrimeSharing Deutschland GmbH

For further information: PrimeSharing Deutschland GmbH, Max-Brauer-Allee 50, D-22765 Hamburg, Germany Tel.: +49-(0)-40-389044-33, E-mail:

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