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Progressive Automations, Inc. - Point Roberts, WA

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Online Shop for User-Friendly Mini Linear Actuators

Press release date: Oct 03, 2011

Point Roberts, WA: Progressive automations is an online shop that provides customers with high quality mini linear actuators all over the United States. The online shop comprises of a wide collection of user-friendly mini linear actuators equipped with latest technology and innovative features. Customers can place online orders for any of the products available at an affordable rate.

Important features associated with the mini linear actuators available at Progressive Automations have been listed below. These include:

Small and easy to install

This is one of the prominent features of the devices. As the name indicates, mini linear actuators are small in size. Thus, the devices can be installed easily. The process of installation is simple, convenient and takes less time.

12v actuators

Most of the devices available with the company are 12v actuators. All these devices support internal limit switches, 2 wires and mounting holes on every end. As far as their stroke sizes are concerned, these start from 1 inch to 24 inches along with force of 15 lbs, 50lbs, and 150lbs.

Wide usage

Wide range of devices available at Progressive Automations are useful in a majority of fields including industrial, hobby design, auto, marine, furniture as well as medical applications.

Same day shipping facility

All the mini linear actuators are available with same day shipping facility. This means customers would not have to wait for a long time to receive their product. Not only this, discounts are available for the customers who make big purchases and long term contracts.


Customers are also free to place custom orders for any of the product in their desired stroke size and voltage.

These are some of the prominent features of mini linear actuators. Thus, it can be said that the devices available at Progressive Automations are of great help for the customers all over the United States.