On-line Power System Builder Offers Custom Power Supplies Delivered Within 9 Days

Easton, PA - June 4, 2007 - Acopian's Online Power System Builder is a user-friendly web tool that speeds the design of custom power systems that the company can deliver to the purchaser within 9 days.

Through a series of menus, the online tool steps the user though typical power supply specifications and options. By inputting his specific requirements, the user can completely configure the product, have it manufactured and delivered within 9 days.

First, the system prompts the user for his requirements for the number of outputs (whether a power supply system or an individual power supply), voltage and current specification for each output, and type of supply (switching, linear, unregulated). It also prompts the user for basic options (over-voltage protection, remote sensing), and enclosure type. The user can add any special instructions along the way.

Next, the user is asked to specify input voltage, desire for N+1 current sharing, type of input connectors (IEC, screw, terminal strip) and output connectors (accommodates circular and D-subminiature types), and type of metering (voltmeter or ammeter for more than 1 output). In the final steps, the user specifies the needed output indicators (e.g., green or red LEDs), type of output adjustment (screwdriver, knob on front or real panel), and the number of test-point jacks (e.g. banana jacks or binding posts on front or real panel).

The Acopian On-line Power System Builder can be accessed at: http://www.acopianpowersupplies.com/powersys.aspx

About Acopian Technical Products
Acopian is a global supplier of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters; & redundant & multiple-output power systems. Capabilities include shipping most models within 3 days and redundant and multiple output systems in 9 days. Standard power supplies are available in all voltages from 0v to 30 kV and up to 1200W. Standard models include single, dual, triple and wide adjust output power supplies; switching, linear, regulated & unregulated power supplies; programmable, high voltage, universal input & mini power supplies; & NEMA 4X Enclosed & UL508 listed configurations. Redundant and multiple-output power systems are available for rack, wall or DIN rail mounting and in modular configurations. Customized solutions are also available to meet special customer requirements. Our products are made in the USA.

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