On-Demand Webinars: Learn about Ethernet-based SERCOS III for Motion Control

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida -- A series of nine free on-demand webinars provide an introduction and technical description for the SERCOS interface standard for motion control and I/O. This series thoroughly explores the latest Ethernet-based SERCOS III advances, including safety, I/O and programming tools, plus practical applications. A comparison of SERCOS III with other Ethernet-based communications busses is included. These webinars are based on presentations at a SERCOS seminar at The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

Link to Webinars: http://www.sercos.com/news/events.htm.

The PowerPoint and PDF presentations used in these webinars are available for download at http://www.sercos.com/literature/seminars09.htm.

More About SERCOS

SERCOS, SErial Realtime COmmunication System, is among the leading digital interfaces for communication between controls, drives and decentralized peripheral devices. SERCOS has been used in machine engineering for more than 20 years and is implemented in over 2.5 million real time nodes. With its open, manufacturer independent Ethernet-based architecture, SERCOS III is a universal bus for all automation solutions.

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