OKI Delivers Additional Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment for ON Semiconductor's European plants

TOKYO - OKI Engineering, provider of reliability evaluations and environmental conservation technologies for the OKI Group, recently delivered an additional unit of KGT-3MM-AP exhaust gas treatment equipment for atmospheric pressure CVD*1 manufacturing equipment to semiconductor manufacturer ON Semiconductor's European plants. OKI Engineering's exhaust gas treatment equipment adopt a filter designed to minimize filter clogging, allowing extended maintenance-free use, ultimately contributing to production efficiency and helping to maintain the semiconductor manufacturers' production environment.

Thus, it ensures reliability and consistency in the CVD thin film manufacturing line, ultimately helping to maintain the customer's production environment.

In the manufacture of power devices such as Power FET*2 and IGBT*3, atmospheric pressure CVD manufacturing equipment is vital at the stage of insulating film manufacture. However, this equipment uses harmful gases and requires exhaust gas processing.

OKI Engineering's KGT-3MM-AP exhaust gas treatment contains a special stainless steel filter, which minimizes filter clogging and helps remove the harmful gases and particulate matter used with atmospheric pressure CVD manufacturing equipment. This extends maintenance-free use, improve scrubbing efficiency. The micromanometer used for pressure control was designed specifically for CVD gas use. Inverter control for the exhaust fan ensures the constant exhaust pressure essential for atmospheric pressure CVD thin film manufacture and extended operational reliability and consistency.

OKI Engineering has added a newly developed function as an option, which resets abnormalities in the atmospheric pressure CVD equipment by detecting pressure abnormality occurred during maintenance, in turn, enhancing customer satisfaction.

"In 2009, OKI Engineering delivered the KGT-3MM-AP to ON Semiconductor for the first time, as an exhaust gas processor for Amaya continuous atmospheric pressure CVD manufacturing equipment," says Yutaka Asai, President of OKI Engineering. "This latest order for ON Semiconductor's European plants was prompted by ON semiconductor's satisfaction with the processor's pressure control configuration and exhaust gas scrubbing efficiency and by the benefits of consistent, trouble-free CVD thin film manufacture. Introduction of the treatment equipment ensures consistent film thickness distributions for CVD thin films at ON Semiconductor's European plants. It also contributes to enhancing factory productivity."

Moving forward, OKI Engineering will expand reach into Europe and new regions including Southeast Asia.

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