Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips Use NatureFlex Packaging

Innovia Films has announced that Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips are using its bio-based NatureFlex™ packaging. This flexible packaging material is derived from sustainable wood pulp, offers excellent barriers to oxygen and moisture, and is certified compostable.

When looking at packaging options, Ocean’s Halo felt that the package should reflect their core values while also providing superior protection for their product. In order to maintain the crunch of the chips it was critical to guard against moisture vapor. A high barrier to oxygen was also necessary to extend shelf life. Furthermore, the packaging needed to match the Ocean’s Halo™ brand identity.

Ocean’s Halo™ Seaweed Chips is the first product from New Frontier Foods, Inc. The natural foods company was started in Burlingame, California by four dads. The founders of Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips are on a mission to create a chip nutritious enough for the produce aisle, but delicious enough for the snack aisle. Made from only sustainably grown seaweed and other natural ingredients, Ocean’s Halo™ Seaweed Chips are organic, baked, taste great, and are packed with vitamins and minerals, and are free of GMOs, trans fats, MSGs, and artificial ingredients.

Robert Mock, co-founder of Ocean’s Halo stated, “We were introduced to the Innovia Films’ compostable packaging alternative, NatureFlex™, by Genpak, a leading food packing company with manufacturing locations in both the US and Canada. Over the past two years, we have built a great partnership with Genpak to bring our products to market with not only high quality material, but also with a like-minded approach to the environment.”

Added Mike Shim another co-founder of Ocean’s Halo, “When we were faced with packaging choices, we were 100% committed to choosing compostable bags because it's the right thing to do. Health and sustainability is one of our pledges to our customers and compostable bags are an integral part of that pledge."

Bill Reilly, the Development Manager with Genpak, added “Our challenge was to develop a structure that provides excellent barrier properties and works well on the packaging equipment. Oceans Halo, Innovia and Genpak worked together closely to develop this functional and completely compostable structure.”

Christopher Tom, a Sales Executive with Innovia Films, was involved in the project. “We are proud to work with forward-thinking brands and packaging converters and help them reach their collective sustainability objectives.”

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