NPE 2009 Marks First Time Exhibition of K-Tron and Premier Pneumatics, Inc. as K-Tron Process Group, Presenting Plastic Processing Solutions for Primary Resin, Compounding, and Extrusion Production

PITMAN, NJ US - (May 12, 2009) - K-Tron and Premier Pneumatics, Inc. formally announce exhibition as K-Tron Process Group at NPE 2009, June 22-26, McCormick Place South, Chicago, IL, booth S50041. The K-Tron Process Group booth will feature feeding, pneumatic conveying and systems engineered solutions for plastics processing applications including primary resin, compounding, extrusion, and related applications. For more information visit

Plastics processing equipment on display includes:

NEW: ActiFlow(TM), a new alternative to other forms of mechanical hopper agitation: The ActiFlow Smart Bulk Solids Activator reliably prevents bridging and rat-holing of cohesive bulk materials in stainless steel hoppers. ActiFlow is a non-product contact device, consisting of a patent-pending vibratory drive and intelligent control unit. In applications involving difficult flowing materials, ActiFlow eliminates the need for mechanical agitators with secondary motors and gearboxes, as well as the need for flexible side wall agitation devices or aeration pads.

NEW: Continuous Gravimetric Extrusion Control Software
K-Tron's new continuous gravimetric extrusion control package offers the ability to control extruder speed so that its output has a predictable and repeatable mass flow. By accurately measuring material throughput, gravimetric extrusion control can compensate for material and process variations and provide more consistent end product quality. Continuous gravimetric extrusion control is primarily targeted for use with single screw flood fed extruders in both mono- and co-extrusion applications such as profile extrusion, cast sheet, blown film, cable coating, laminating, precision tubing and pipe extrusion.

K-Tron Premier ProBlend(TM) Zone Blender: The ProBlend(TM) Zone Blender offers blending or homogenizing of free flowing bulk material within a hopper or silo. With its special geometric shape, the compact Zone Blender provides multiple flow zones in which the material can pass through at different velocities and residence times with discharged material containing a uniformed blend from the hopper or silo. The Zone Blender uses a combination of mass flow (first in - first out) and funnel flow (last in - last out) to help homogenize the blend and reduce the effect of segregation in re-circulating, batch or continuous systems, or any application requiring the blending of materials.

K-Tron Premier Filtair Series Filter Receiver: The Filtair Series Filter Receivers provide automatic material-from-air separation with filter bags that are cleaned by bursts of compressed air. Unit allows easy access to receiver's filter bags with control panel regulating the frequency and duration of each pulse with control panel displaying which row of bags is being cleaned.

K-Tron Premier Aerolock(TM) Rotary Valves (HD, MD): Units on display include the Heavy-Duty (HD) and Maximum-Duty (MD) Aerolock, with the (HD) Aerolock designed for heavy-duty industrial service performing at up to 15 PSI pressure differential and temperatures up to 225° F. The (MD) Aerolock is engineered for heavy to severe industrial service with pressure differentials up to 20 PSI and temperatures of +450°.

K-Tron Premier 2400 Series Receivers: The Series 2400 Powder and Pellet receivers provide a high capacity sequencing system designed to handle powder, pellet, regrind and granular materials. Each receiver has a stainless check valve to allow multiple receivers to draw material from a common conveying line. Applications include railcar unloading, silo to daybin transfer, in-plant transfer or feeder refill. Conveying rates vary by model, up to 6,800 kg/hr (15,000 lbs/hr) on a batch basis. Units communicate with PLC and MPC controls.

K-Tron Quick Change Feeder (K2-ML-T35) with ActiFlow(TM): K-Tron's T35/S60 Quick Change Feeder has been specially designed for applications requiring the maximum possible material handling and changeover flexibility along with the convenience of fast cleaning. The feeder is available in volumetric or loss-in-weight configurations, both as single or twin screw. Single screw units handle free-flowing powders, granules, pellets and other non-flooding materials, while twin screw units control floodable powders and more difficult sticky or hard-to-flow materials.

Bulk Solids Pump Feeder(TM) line: a patented feeder line specifically designed and engineered to provide gentle, precise feeding of free-flowing pellets, granules, and friable materials. The BSP feeders do not use screws/augers, belts, or vibratory trays to convey materials. These feeders utilize positive displacement action to move material uniformly, from storage hopper to discharge outlet. Units on display include the BSP-100, BSP-135, BSP-150P.

Other Equipment on Display in Booth S50041:

MT12 Micro-Feeder: for low rate feeding of free flowing to difficult powders & micro-pellets.
K-Vision: HMI for controlling up to 16 feeders in a single process line.
Smart Weigh Belt (SWB-300): for gravimetric batch & continuous applications or wild flow metering.
K-Tron Premier P-Series Receiver, 2400 Self-Contained Machine Loader, C-Series Loader
K-Tron Premier Modular Cartridge Bin Vent: for conveying applications requiring air filtration.

About K-Tron Process Group: K-Tron is a global leader in the gravimetric feeder market and a single-source supplier for feeding, pneumatic conveying and systems engineering solutions. K-Tron has defined the leading edge of technology for material handling applications in the process industries. The K-Tron Process Group designs, produces, sells and supports its equipment for all process industries under the brand names K-Tron Feeders and K-Tron Premier. For more information visit or email

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