NovaTech and MTL to Offer New Input/Output Modules for Process Automation

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania -- NovaTech LLC, a leading manufacturer of process automation
software and systems, has entered into an agreement with MTL Open System Technologies
(MOST), a leading producer of hardware and technology-based components for process
automation. The two companies will work together to develop the NovaTech 8000 Series of
high-performance Input/Output (I/O) modules optimized for use with the NovaTech D/3®
Process Automation System.
"NovaTech has earned the respect of high-end industrial customers who appreciate the
company's ability to provide excellence in process automation, including the use of superior I/O
hardware that enables the collection of data and control of the process from virtually anywhere
in the plant", according to Dennis Gillespie, President of MOST. "We are pleased to work with
NovaTech in customizing our broad range of I/O modules so that they seamlessly integrate with
the D/3® Process Automation System for both new and upgrade installations."
"Robust, flexible I/O is critical to the reliable operation of any process automation system", said
Volker Oakey, Chairman of NovaTech. "The NT8000 Series I/O being developed with MOST
will maintain the solid performance record of the NovaTech 16000 I/O, with enhanced
functionality, and offer multi-protocol Ethernet and HART® connectivity for the D/3® system. We
are pleased to work with MOST as a recognized market leader. Their engineering-based
culture and focus on high-performance, reliable, and intrinsically safe I/O modules are very
compatible with the culture and traditional product strengths of NovaTech."
About NovaTech LLC
NovaTech, LLC is a provider of process automation and high-speed communication products to
industrial and utility customers worldwide. Its D/3® process automation system is used to monitor
and control production operations within major drug, food, chemical and energy producers.
Complementing the D/3 is NovaTech's Orion communication controller, which enables secure
data acquisition from third-party equipment using a variety of communication protocols. NovaTech
has over 350 D/3 process automation systems installed world-wide, in addition to hundreds of
SCADA and distribution automation systems installed in the electric utility industry.
For more information about NovaTech, LLC, please visit or contact
Corporate Communications at 410-753-8300.
About MTL Open System Technologies (MOST)
MOST is the leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of open hardware and software
technology-based components for the process automation and functional safety markets.
MOST products are targeted at the OEMs and systems integrators in the process automation
market, including the following industries: oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, water and
waste water, cement, pulp and paper, power generation and electrical distribution, food and
beverage. MOST Controllers, with their simultaneous support of function block programming
and IEC 61131-3 programming, are an ideal solution for those process applications that have
considered using a PLC. SIL 2 certified control systems are built on the same platform as
MOST's process control solutions, enabling a single platform to address both process control
and shutdown needs and providing users with considerable savings.
For more information about MOST and its open system building blocks, visit our web site at, email us at or contact MTL at 1-800-835-7075. Links to
other MTL businesses are on the site.

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