North American Machine Works is a VR Certified Safety Valve Repair Center

In addition to Farris, we are certified to repair all makes and models or safety valves whether they are Sec. I or Sec. VIII certified. Our testing facilities include a steam test stand for pressures up to 1400 psig, two air test stands rated up to 3500 psig and liquid testing capabilities of up to 10,000 psig. All of our test stands are equipped with highly accurate pressure transducers which graphically capture each test.

Our valve shop operations are managed by an innovative web based system, Swan Asset Manager. Asset Manager offers our customers a window into our operations. Real time status of each valve repair is available to its owner. Customers no longer have to make a phone call for an update. Now all they have to do is logon into Asset Manager through the web and every aspect of their job is available on line whether it is a current repair status, repair history, or the most recent test certification.

About North American Machine Works

The company began in 1972 as North American Valve Lapping and was initially involved in repairing compressor valves, a service that we still provide. By 1980, we expanded our activities to other industrial equipment and had begun developing relationships with manufacturers as their authorized representative and repair facility. In 1984, North American Engineering was created to provide on-site services. In 1995, Alliance-North American was created as a “VR” certified pressure relief valve repair facility, distributor, and manufacturers’ representative.

In 2004 we added Farris Engineering, BS & B Safety Systems, & Protego to our product lineup. Our new product sales focuses on pressure relief devices and systems. We are able to service the complete life cycle of our customer's pressure relief systems from initial design, evaluation of exisiting systems, supply of new relief devices and repair existing devices.

NAMW is located in Folcroft, 5 miles from Philadelphia. Our location allows to provide our services and products in the Mid-Atlantic Region from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and further.

North American Machine Works

789 Ashland Ave

Folcroft, PA 19032

Phone: 610-461-5500

Fax: 610-461-5572


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