North American Footwear Distributor Cote Reco Selects iCongo's Business-to-Business e-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Platform to Improve Order Management and Operational Efficiencies for Cote-Reco and its Retail Customers

Montreal, QC April 25, 2007 -- iCongo Inc., a North American leader in e-commerce solutions, is pleased to announce that Cote Reco, Inc., a leading footwear distributor has selected iCongo's ICE3 suite of collaborative e-business systems. The iCongo e-commerce platform will allow Cote Reco's retail banner, Chausseurs Pop, and other retail customers to conduct their entire order entry and order management processes online.

The applications being implemented by Cote-Reco include iCongo's ICE3 Catalog and Online Order Entry System, Website/Customer Portal and a comprehensive suite of Marketing and Collaboration modules. The systems will enable Cote-Reco's customers, account representatives and customer service personnel to transact business online and to obtain detailed information using the Internet.

"We have selected iCongo's comprehensive suite of e-commerce and marketing systems based on their leading business-to-business e-commerce platform and their strong industry experience," said Michel C´t©, President of Cote-Reco. "By implementing the iCongo's business-to-business ecommerce solution, we will be offering our customers the systems required to obtain important product information and to place and track orders more quickly and efficiently while simultaneously improving Cote Reco's ordering efficiencies and customer service."

"We are pleased to be to implementing our ecommerce platform for Cote-Reco," said Irwin Kramer President and Chief Executive Officer at iCongo. "We are confident that our systems will provide Cote-Reco with top tier systems required to compete in today's environment and that Cote-Reco and its customers will benefit greatly from the broad array of e-commerce, marketing and collaboration tools.

About iCongo, Inc.

iCongo, Inc. is a leading developer of e-business systems and software that enable companies to effectively and efficiently transact business over the Internet. iCongo's solutions include Business-to-Business E-Commerce Systems including Catalog and E-Procurement systems, Retail E-Commerce, E-Marketing and Online Events, communication systems including Content Management systems (CMS) and Email Campaign systems, Online , Sales Force Automation, CRM systems as well as EDI over the Internet.

About Cote-Reco, Inc.

Cote-Reco is a North American footwear importer and distributor of shoe products from Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and China. Cote-Reco maximizes its partner's profitability by specialized inventory management and rapid replenishment. Cote-Reco is a family owned business which has been servicing the footwear market for over 75 years.

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