Nordex Anti-Backlash Nuts and Lead Screws

Anti-backlash Lead Screw Nuts and Low Drag Torque Anti-backlash Nuts are available in precision and commercial quality.

Commercial quality Anti-backlash Lead Screw Nuts have a minimum preload of .19 lbs. to a maximum preload of 11.1, with internal threads of 3/16-20 to 5/8-10, and are manufactured in Turcite® X Engineered Thermoplastic material. Over 25 different configurations are offered with other sizes available upon request.

Precision quality Low Drag Torque Anti-backlash Nuts are manufactured in Polyacetal, engineered plastic including an integrally molded flange. The drag torque in the Mini series nuts is .5 oz-in while the light, medium and heavy duty nuts have a drag torque of .5-2 oz-in to 3-7 oz-in, 1-3 oz-in and 2-6 oz-in to 3-7 oz-in respectively, with load capacities from 5 lbs to 350 lbs.

Rolled Stainless Steel Lead Screws are available in commercial and hi-precision quality with lead accuracy from .003 in/ft with straightness of .01 in/ft to .0001 in/in with positional repeatability of .00005 inches.

In addition to standard lengths of 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 inches, lead screws may be ordered up to 12 feet long (up to 8 feet with Teflon® coating available in precision quality).

Competing with ball screws and ground lead screws, costs for these units are dramatically lower while still providing high accuracy, long life, quiet operation and very low drag torque.

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