Nora Lighting® “LED Recessed Product Overview” Showcases Multiple Downlight Options

COMMERCE, CA - Nora Lighting has released the LED Recessed Product Overview, a 44-page catalog that showcases the company’s complete line of LED recessed, canless and surface mount luminaires.

The digital catalog is available online at

More than 1,500 recessed LED lighting fixtures for architectural, residential and commercial applications are included with detailed site and product photos and specifications. Charts allow for easy comparison of the recessed families with information on performance, applications and output.

Featured in the catalog are Nora’s expanding series of downlights, including: Sapphire, Quartz, Marquise, Iolite, iPOINT, Pearl, Cobalt (High Lumen, Click, Adjustable, Shallow and Elbow) and Onyx.

Canless recessed fixtures are also shown: M1, M2 and E-Series FLIN; along with Nora surface mounts: SURF, ELO and Opal.

Nora Lighting has served the lighting industry for more than 30 years and is a recognized leader in the development and introduction of LED products. Nora offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of LED luminaires, including: commercial, architectural and residential downlights; track and rail lighting; panels and troffers; MLS (multi-lighting systems); linear and under cabinet lighting; RLM, pendants and cylinders; tape lights; step lights; and emergency / exit signs.

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