Nominum DCS 2.0 Delivers Dynamic Configuration for Next-Generation Services

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 14 / -- Nominum Inc., the leading provider of IP address management solutions, today introduced the Nominum Dynamic Configuration Server (DCS) 2.0, a high-availability Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server designed to address the needs of today's next generation networks. The new product enables communications providers to meet the new demands of DHCP infrastructures including increased throughout, carrier-grade availability and identity-based lease assignments.

DHCP is a network protocol that facilitates the central management and automation of the assignment of IP addresses in an organization's network. Existing DHCP solutions were not designed to efficiently support increasing numbers of devices and services deployed on networks as well as real-time integration with external systems such as authentication, firewall access or billing services. These inefficiencies can cause costly service delays or failures that severely impact users' quality of service.

"Communications service providers must re-evaluate their DHCP infrastructures to deal with advanced IP based services and increased network complexity," said Daniel Golding, Senior Analyst for Burton Group. "Successful deployments of VoIP, TriplePlay, and IMS will require flexible DHCP solutions that can provide a consistent service, regardless of the environment."

Nominum DCS 2.0 addresses the challenges of an open and reliable DHCP infrastructure. Unique features addressing these challenges include:

o High throughput DHCP architecture: DCS 2.0 implements a 100%
protocol-compliant database optimized for DHCP transactions.
o Multi-threaded architecture: With DCS 2.0, the overall DHCP service is
not slowed down while waiting for disk I/O or responses from external
o Open architecture: DCS 2.0 offers several well-documented application
programming interfaces (APIs) for querying information and receiving
event notifications.
o Online reconfiguration and fast restarts: DCS 2.0 can be reconfigured
online and restart in seconds, even with a large configuration and
leases database.

In recent benchmarks, DCS 2.0 delivered over 2,400 leases/second and restarted in less than 1 second with a database of over 200,000 leases*. By comparison, ISC-DHCP 3.03 -- the most used open source DHCP alternative -- was respectively 59 and 1140 times slower.

"The demands of converged networks are exposing the limitations of existing DHCP solutions," said Albert Gouyet, vice president of marketing, Nominum. "Not upgrading this vital network service will result in significant frustration and potentially downtime. Nominum DCS 2.0 provides the unbeatable flexibility that is required to meet these demands as well as high availability and extreme performance."

Nominum will host a series of webinars to discuss the benefits of DCS 2.0 on November 16 and 17, 2005. More information and registration details for the free webinars are available at

* Configuration: Pentium4 2.4GHz,1.5GB RAM, RAID 0 Disk, Linux RH AS 2.1

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