Nolek Launches Game Changing Portable Leak Detector

In the past five years Nolek has spent considerable sums and time on the development of the proprietary SniffIT Technology®. First an analogue version of the product was released in the marketplace in 2010. Since that time, Nolek has been working on the digitalization of the product, the refinement of the measuring cell and other improvements based on customer feedback. The

product is now ready to be launched in the marketplace.

The new SniffIT Digital® series of portable leak detectors are truly redrawing the map of the leak detector marketplace. The SniffIT Digital® leak detectors are the most accurate high sensitivity mobile sniffers in the world today, yet they are the lowest priced leak detectors in the given sensitivity range.

”…The technology leap that Nolek has made with these sniffers can easily be visualized by comparing the difference between the first car-mounted cell phones to the modern-day iPhone. We have taken a product that the market generally knows as a big, expensive, heavy box with a hose connected to it into a product that is truly mobile, i.e. not bigger than a human hand and that weighs almost nothing in comparison. At the same time, the SniffIT Digital® series of leak detectors have higher sensitivity and can measure leaks faster, better, and with various additional functions that the old stone age technology can´t offer.

We are extremely proud of our new SniffIT Digital® series of leak detectors and we know that our customers will be happy to take this technology leap together with us. We have already gotten feedback from the marketplace that is truly remarkable and we look forward to offering this revolutionary product series to both new and existing customers world-wide…” Comments Pär

Thomaeus, Sales Manager of Standard Products at Nolek.

The SniffIT Digital® series of leak detectors will first be released in two versions. The SniffIT X1 Pro & Lite for detecting Helium and Hydrogen, and the SniffIT X3 Pro & Lite for refrigerant gases. In the coming year, new versions of the SniffIT Digital® series will be added to be able to detect other gases such as e.g. CNG.

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Norbert Palenstyn

Sales and Marketing Manager, Nolek Inc

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