Nikon's New DXM1200C Digital Photomicrographic Camera Captures Ultra Low Light Images

New Camera Features Enhanced Cooling, Improved Resolution and New Software for Seamless Scientific Research

MELVILLE, N.Y., Nov. 8 / -- Nikon Instruments Inc., a leader in the development of advanced optical microscopy, today unveiled the Digital Eclipse DXM1200C, an ultra high-quality digital camera for advanced imaging featuring a new Peltier cooling mechanism that significantly reduces heat induced noise, improved image resolution, and adds new software to enhance camera control, digital viewing and capture of images in standard and ultra low-light applications. This model continues the DXM tradition of capturing images with user selectable high pixel count image files for documentation and high resolution image printing capabilities. The DXM1200C can capture images files with up to 12.6 million pixels, using Nikon's exclusive pixel stepping technology.

"Nikon's DXM1200C is an example of Nikon's continuing focus on advancing imaging through innovation," said Stan Schwartz, vice president, Nikon Instruments. "Capturing images in low light situations has become a priority in microscopy, and the demand for quality combined with multiple functions increases every day. The DXM1200C provides microscopists with the most sophisticated technology available for demanding digital imaging documentation applications."

Researchers now have an integrated imaging system seamlessly connecting microscopy and digital photography under intelligent software control. The system cost-effectively delivers the ability to capture extremely precise, detailed images under demanding lighting conditions.

The DXM1200C produces images which are almost identical to images produced on high-end film-based cameras. The system captures fluorescence images with outstanding high-contrast clarity. The low-noise design incorporating a new Peltier cooling mechanism retains the temperature of the CCD at 20 degrees Celsius below ambient room temperature to significantly lower heat induced noise so weak fluorescence and darkfield specimen images can be clearly and easily captured.

The camera uses a new color Bayer mask 2/3" CCD chip with 1.45 million effective pixels and features 14 modes of image frame size capture. The camera's highest output resolution of 12.6 mega pixels provides spectacular images of over 1800 TV lines resolution that surpass conventional silver- halide images, and fine focusing of detailed specimens becomes extraordinary simple and precise. The system now features shutter speeds from 1/16000 of a second to up to 60 seconds and has improved S/N dynamic range of 50dB's. The DXM1200C features a live image display of 15 frames-per-second, so image information is transferred to computers at ultra high speeds. A unique user feature incorporates an auto exposure and auto gain circuit that allows fast live display frame rates of fluorescence specimens and at the time of image capture instantly resets the gain and optimal exposure time for the best signal to noise image capture possible. This allows faster focusing and image capture before photobleaching of fluorescent probes occurs.

Nikon's ACT-1C is exclusive to the DXM1200C and includes features which supports user selectable frame size and auto-exposure areas; Look Up Table (LUT) operation, and Image Overlay for multichannel fluorescence features allow researchers to stack original images, allocate designated channels and overlay, merge or unmerge them into single images for detailed analysis.

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