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NIAMA-REISSER Presents On-Road Demonstration of World's First Metal-Ringless Ceramic Internal Combustion Engine Pistons

Press release date: Mar 31, 2014

Innovative technology saves trips to the pump, increases MPG, reduces emissions and improves longevity

COLUMBUS, Ohio - NIAMA-REISSER, LLC, a vehicle and propulsion service provider, with offices in Franklin, Coshocton County as well as abroad Germany -Stuttgart and over 35 Patents and Patents Pending, is DEMONSTRATING and RELEASING its NR-Metal-Ringless Ceramic Internal Combustion Engine Pistons for Automobiles, Trucks and Small Engines to Aftermarket and Tuners, while in talks with OEM manufacturers about implementing its technology in Small Engine Applications -Chainsaws-, Diesel Power Generation, Diesel Industrial Engines and Gasoline Automotive Applications.

Heinz-Gustav Reisser, the CEO of the Company, says; "It's all about saving money. For that reason, we started the Metal-Ringless Ceramic Piston project in 2009." Since the initial kick-off, NIAMA-REISSER, LLC has been working diligently to create something that does not and never has existed in the internal combustion engine industry: Metal-Ringless Ceramic Internal Combustion Engine Pistons.

According to Reisser: "Our technology is no longer employing metal compression rings nor metal oil control rings." This reduces the frictional drag on the piston and further increases the longevity of the engine. Reducing the frictional drag on the piston increases any engine's thermal efficiency and performance.

The proprietary ceramic material enables the combustion to run hotter and burn more homogeneous, which further elevates the efficiency of any internal combustion engine.

Polymer rings are used to control the oil flow in 4-Stroke applications from the sump or crank case into the combustion chamber. For that matter, the piston mantel only boasts two polymer rings.

TO DEMONSTRATE THE INCREASE IN EFFICIENCY, the company is going to travel with two mechanically overhauled and identical Chevrolet Lumina APV vans (Van 1 has been retrofitted with NR-Metal-Ringless Ceramic Pistons vs. Van 2 has stock OEM Pistons) from Easton -Columbus-, Ohio to Romulus -Detroit- Michigan. The Company will hold an INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION at the Hampton, Inn Hotel at Easton - Columbus at 8:00 AM and will return to the same venue at 7:30 PM for a SUMMARY PRESENTATION, after having released its EFFICIENCY RESULTS in a RESULTS PRESENTATION at the Comfort, Inn Hotel in Romulus - Detroit.

Be apart in this moment of time, which will shape how internal combustion engines are going to be built in the 21(st) century.

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