Niagara "No-Frost" Liquid Desiccants Approved By Canadian Food Inspection Agency

(Buffalo, NY) Niagara Blower "No-Frost" liquid desiccant formulas were recently approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for use in food processing facilities. Already approved by the USDA, these formulas are utilized in "No-Frost" refrigeration and liquid desiccant dehumidification systems to provide consistent process air conditions and desirable space humidity levels - offering a unique solution for safety & sanitation problems in the food & beverage industry. With temperature, humidity, and microbial control, this patented technology maintains a dry, sanitary environment; effectively inhibiting airborne microorganisms.

"No-Frost" employs a noncorrosive formulation of glycol as a moisture absorbent. Defined space moisture removal is directly related to glycol type and concentration. Niagara offers three different glycol products to meet various temperature and humidity requirements:

o LV, an ethylene glycol based formula, is utilized in refrigeration applications for temperatures ranging from -50 through 40°F

o KV, a food-grade propylene glycol based formula, is utilized in refrigeration and dehumidification applications with temperatures ranging from -5 through 55°F
o Hygrol, a triethylene glycol based formula, is utilized in dehumidification applications with temperatures ranging from 30 through 75°F

The patented "No-Frost" system consists of a conditioner and a liquid concentrator. In the conditioner, a continuous spray of USDA and CFIA approved liquid desiccant is pumped over a finned evaporator coil. A fan moves air through the coil chamber and returns the conditioned air into the facility. The refrigerant coil cools the air while the liquid desiccant spray controls humidity, captures airborne particles (including bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella and Yersinia), deodorizes air passing through the conditioner, and absorbs moisture that would otherwise become frost on the coil surface. As the "No-Frost" liquid becomes dilute (due to moisture absorption) it is transferred to a liquid concentrator which removes the excessive moisture by using a heat source. After the excess moisture is removed, the concentrated liquid is returned to the conditioner. This maintains a specific concentration throughout the system.

Niagara "No-Frost" conditioners are designed to meet USDA sanitation requirements for the food industry and are available in painted carbon steel, stainless steel or FRP construction. Equipment designs can include ASME and ANSI codes. Every unit is custom fabricated with heavy duty bolted construction to withstand the toughest environments.

Both packaged and field-erected equipment are available. All interior parts are readily accessible for inspection and cleaning. Interior surfaces are designed to eliminate pockets which could collect dirt, lint or bacteria.

Niagara Blower is a design-build manufacturer providing engineered solutions to heat transfer applications at power, process, refinery, food and brewing facilities worldwide since 1904. Niagara's customized product lines include WSAC(TM) closed-loop, evaporative coolers and condensers and "No-Frost"® liquid desiccant dehumidification systems. For more information, contact Niagara by phone at 716-875-2000, by email at, or visit

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