New Zinc-Nickel Line Offers Exceptional Corrosion Protection

Micro Metal Finishing has been providing quality plating to the automotive industry since 1951. As the automotive market has changed we have continued to change to meet our customers demands for higher performance surface protection.

Zinc—Nickel plating is in one of the best coatings in the market in terms of corrosion protection. In salt spray testing, zinc-nickel surpasses over 1,000 hours to red rust. Passivation coatings are available to provide silver/blue or black appearance.

Plating Specifications:

  • BMW: GS90010-1

  • Bosch: N67F-CM-ZN

  • Chrysler: PS-8955

  • Ford: WSS-M1P82

  • GM: GMW4700

  • Honda: MFZn-Ni1

  • Mercedes: DBL8451

  • Toyota: TSH6530G

  • TRW: TS2-21-108

  • VW: TL244

  • ZF: LMN 50-2


  • Exceptional Corrosion Protection

  • High Ductility

  • High Heat Resistance

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