New York's Most Decorated Police Officer Joins Indy 500 CK Crew

New York Police Department's most decorated person at the Rank of Police Officer, Walter Wasilewski has joined PIRTEK Team Murray’s CK Crew of Veterans and First Responders for the Tag Heuer Pit Stop Challenge for the Indianapolis 500.

Officer Wasilewski made over 3,000 arrests during his time in the NYPD, serving in the 46th Precinct of the South Bronx during its most dangerous period in the 1990s.

He also served at Ground Zero during the rescue and recovery period after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Retiring with over 200 medals and awards - in the 171-year history of the NYPD he is the most decorated person at the rank of Police Officer.

He has continued his post service career in private security and has provided executive protection for many Fortune 500 Executives, politicians, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and actress Sienna Miller - who played Taya Kyle in American Sniper.

The CK Crew is a concept that is bringing together six Military Veterans and First Responders to train together and crew the Matt Brabham PIRTEK Team Murray entry in the Tag Heuer Pit Stop Challenge to be held on Miller Lite Carb Day as part of the 100th Indianapolis 500 celebrations.

It is being backed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and will allow the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to host 500 military and first responder representatives at the racetrack throughout the duration of the Month of May festivities.

“This concept is unique and it will allow a number of guys and girls to come together and form a team to hopefully get PIRTEK Team Murray to victory lane in the Pit Stop Challenge,” said Walter Wasilewski.

“Everyone knows what Chris Kyle did for America and Taya is carrying on his legacy with such dignity and class. I’ve had the chance to meet with Taya on several occasions in New York and she is an amazing American.”

“My career in the Police Department was through some of the most dangerous times in New York’s history. Period.”

“I’ve been up against some of the biggest and baddest ‘bad guys’ that had ever been in the city. Our training always drilled into us to keep calm in the face of adversity.”

“That training is going to come in handy when standing waiting for the PIRTEK Team Murray racecar to come at me. In the Police Department, you have to have faith in those around you to protect you - in this case, I have to have the faith in Matt to stop the car on his marks so we can then go about our job.”

Taya Kyle - who made it her personal mission to ensure first responders were an integral part of Chris Kyle Frog Foundation programming - welcomed Walter to the team.

“Walter is one of those guys that has experienced just about everything that New York’s baddest could throw at him, but managed his way through all of that and into a successful post-service career,” said Ms. Kyle.

“Recognizing and caring for first responder marriages and families is an important part of what we do at the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and when Brett (Murray - team owner, PIRTEK Team Murray) first outlined the concept of the CK Crew - I was adamant that it had to be a combination of military veterans and first responders.”

“Walter is a good friend and I admire what he did throughout his career - as does the New York Police Department. While awards show how much he was revered, what he did to help others through his service - no award can place a value against that.”

“We’re so happy to have Walter part of the CK Crew and to be bringing some first responders to Indy, giving them some love and allowing them to have some fun at the greatest sporting event in the world!”

The CK Crew has six packages available that will form a donation to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and provide the ultimate Indy 500 VIP experience. The package includes a two seat IndyCar ride with Matt Brabham; meet and greets throughout race week and exclusive dinners and executive hospitality for the race itself.

The PIRTEK Team Murray program will feature at the Angie’s List Grand Prix between May 12-14 before practice starts for the Indy 500 on May 16, with the Tag Heuer Pit Stop Competition on Miller Lite Carb Day (May 27) and the 100th running of the Indy 500 on May 29.

More information about the CK Crew can be found at and the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation at


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