New White Paper: The Facts You Need to Safely Collect Combustible Dust

There’s been a lot of talk about combustible dust hazards, OSHA housekeeping inspections and NFPA standards. However, many companies are not aware that OSHA is fining companies every day for a variety of housekeeping violations related to the handling of combustible dust. Until now there hasn’t been a resource to separate fact from fiction. Nilfisk has created a white paper to help safety and facilities managers determine what they need to do to keep their facility safe and compliant.

“Combustible Dust Mythbusting: The facts you need to stay safe” clears up misunderstandings about industrial dust hazards and provides specific information about regulations, handling of particulate solids and safe dust collection. The paper describes three critical steps to safely collect combustible dust in any environment: 1) Understanding your facility and your responsibilities; 2) Getting to know the regulations, standards and recommendations; and 3) Selecting the safest industrial vacuum for your application.

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