New Webinar: Info Helps Facilities Reduce Combustible Dust Risks this Winter

As the winter months approach, manufacturers must continue to take proper measures to decrease combustible dust accumulations as weather conditions during this season can increase chances of dust igniting. Freezing pipes and equipment pose major issues during winter months, however combustible dust risks need to be taken just as seriously, if not even more.

Failure to follow proper housekeeping procedures poses one of the number one risks in facilities. Avoiding combustible dust buildup is key. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) warns that even 1/32 of an inch of accumulated dust can give rise to an explosion. These explosions can be caused by common dusts such as sugar, flour, coal, aluminum and most plastics and chemicals.

Protect your facility and its employees this winter through education on the latest combustible dust standards and regulations.

To view an informative combustible dust webinar click here:

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